Say Whats Radio playlist for 12/31/2012

New Years Show!

Playing 26 songs from the last 26 years!

Polka Express playlist for 12/31/2012

Extra Section 0000-0540

Polka Express playlist for 12/31/2012

Extra Section 0000-0540 Contuning play list

Black Light playlist for 12/30/2012

Shout out to Angelo C., and Rob Rac'kem, host of Hectic Electric, both in the building during the show. We LOVE the LOVE...We LOVE the REMIX!

Mrs Chester's Coffeehouse playlist for 12/30/2012

How does one recover from a month plus of holiday tunes? By returning to Chesterland.

No Apologies playlist for 12/29/2012

Faves of 2012

Bob Duffy playlist for 12/29/2012

guest dj: Bob Longman

Hectic Electric playlist for 12/29/2012

All Electronic and only the best, freshest and newest! 7-8P will be a Snowy Day soundtrack and at 8P we will give you sounds from NYC

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 12/28/2012

Mark Klein's Fri.morning
Blues Warehouse (8-10am)

Trim Mix Party playlist for 12/28/2012

the conclucion of the top 90 plus calls from gensu dean melatone and comet plus a hot tyme machine segment

Whatever Floats Yer Boat playlist for 12/28/2012

Today's discussion is the impact storms have on Long Island inlets, and in particular, the new Old Inlet (which I am instructed is NOT an inlet, it is a BREACH).

My guests are Carl LoBue from The Nature Conservancy, and Marshall Brown from and on Facebook. Send your questions to, or call the studio between 6-8 am (631.632.6901).

References from this morning's show:
If you want to voice your concerns, you can contact:
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
FI National Seashore (part of the National Park Service)
Army Corps of Engineers

Hurricane of 1938 readings:
- Sayville's Wet Pants Sailing Association 1934-1940 by Tom Travis
- Fire Island Beach Resort and National Seashore by Shoshanna McCollum
- Long Island's Lighthouses Past and Present by Robert G. Muller
- Long Island Express - The Great Hurricane of 1938, Geological Impact -

Great South Bay weather buoy -

Oprah's Handbag playlist for 12/28/2012


Mix Tape playlist for 12/27/2012

no end recap

High Technology Radio playlist for 12/27/2012

A box o' condoms supersedes a demented squirrel.

Into The Fire with JoJo playlist for 12/26/2012

For all who passed away this year