Bob Duffy playlist for 08/25/2012

Programming with WUSB for more than 30 years, Bob Duffy is still searching for the perfect pop song.

Guest Appearance from Long Island's own Ed Ryan.

Ludwig Leopold playlist for 08/25/2012

Summer Breeze would be just so right, about now...

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 08/24/2012

Mark Klein's Fri.morning

Whatever Floats Yer Boat playlist for 08/24/2012

The Wrong Side Must Absolutely Not Win
by A. Barton Hinkle for the Richmond Times-Dispatch
Published August 19, 2012

The past several weeks have made one thing crystal-clear: Our country faces unmitigated disaster if the Other Side wins.

No reasonably intelligent person can deny this. All you have to do is look at the way the Other Side has been running its campaign. Instead of focusing on the big issues that are important to the American People, it has fired a relentlessly negative barrage of distortions, misrepresentations and flat-out lies.

Just look at the Other Side's latest commercial, which take a perfectly reasonable statement by the candidate for My Side completely out of context to make it seem as if he is saying something nefarious. This just shows you how desperate the Other Side is and how willing it is to mislead the American People.

Lunchtime playlist for 08/24/2012

Friday 10am to 1pm

Oprah's Handbag playlist for 08/24/2012

...and it breaks your heart 'cause you gave so much.

Mix Tape playlist for 08/23/2012

stinkin' and shinin' like mackerel in the moonlight

Clam Radio playlist for 08/23/2012

Susan DeVita is here today and we discuss a whole bunch of things that have been on her mind.

Blues At Dawn playlist for 08/22/2012