Beginnings playlist for 10/08/2011

The Nice - America - "with new ears" #50

Whatever Floats Yer Boat playlist for 10/07/2011

My guest today is Daniel Akner, artist, psychic and medium.

and MANY videos on youTube!

Here is one of his artistic performances, featuring Justin Autumn (arrangement, instrumentals, recording) with the video put together by Kym Newborn.
Nature Boy -

Dan Akroyd's Crystal Head Vodka

Messages From Water -

Check out this venue!!!

Lunchtime playlist for 10/07/2011

New Time 10am-12pm each Friday

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 10/07/2011

Mark Klein's Blues Warehouse
Fri. morning (8am-10am)

Mix Tape playlist for 10/06/2011

sam jesh

Clam Radio playlist for 10/06/2011

Pre-birthday celebration for Mr. Paul Simon as he turns the old age of 70 on October 13th.

High Technology Radio playlist for 10/06/2011

You're weird.

Blues At Dawn playlist for 10/05/2011


Primordial Sandwich playlist for 10/05/2011

A Fill In I did from 300-500pm on Wed Oct 6th.

Organized Confusion playlist for 10/05/2011

I was joined in the studio by Ari, Chris, John, Jonathan and Siobhan for some really random conversations. Everything from my dislike of Nutella to Goodfellas to the size of Chris' nose. I'm just kind of posting what I remember playing, because I really don't recall all of it.

The Outer Library playlist for 10/05/2011

New Indie and Self Release from Manhattan and Brooklyn every Wednesday night from 10pm to 12 Midnight with your host Mike Gildersleeve

Everything Is Broken playlist for 10/04/2011

Our featured guest is Seth Forman, author of "American Obsession: Race and Conflict in the Age of Obama" ( 2011) and "Blacks in the Jewish Mind: A Crisis of Liberalism" (New York University Press) among other books. He blogs at He is currently Research Associate Professor at Stony Brook University and the Chief Planner for the Long Island Regional Planning Council. His opinions and editorials are not associated with any of these institutions.

Our pal Steve Wiehe will check in from Florida to give us his take on current events.

For music today … lets listen to some blues-rock from Storyville; a 90’s band from Austin, TX with links to Stevie Ray Vaughn’s band Double Trouble and others. They put out 4 albums before breaking up a few years ago.


Jim Dexter playlist for 10/04/2011

Jim's Show for Tuesday October 4, 2011