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Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/09/2013

Our program TUESDAY JULY 9; 1:20PM EDT, live on air and online at www. wusb.fm. We will feature a comprehensive look at drone warfare from the military perspective - specifically why drones, where are they used, are they effective – and of course the legal and moral issues. This should be a spirited debate!

Our featured guest is Mike Lewis, Professor of Law at Ohio Northern University. Mike flew F-14's for the US Navy in Operation Desert Shield, conducted strike planning for Desert Storm and was deployed to the Persian Gulf to enforce the no-fly zone over Iraq. He was a Topgun graduate in 1992 and was featured in a NOVA documentary on Topgun and aircraft carriers.

After his naval service, Lewis graduated from Harvard Law School. He has published articles and essays on various aspects of the law of war and the conflict between the US and al Qaeda. His work has been cited by the Seventh, Ninth and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeals. He has testified before Congress on the legality of drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen and on the civil liberties tradeoffs associated with trying some Al Qaeda members or terrorist suspects before military commissions.

Wake and Bake playlist for 07/09/2013

Started a little after 4AM. Phish from Saratoga,

Jim Dexter playlist for 07/09/2013

Jim's Show for Tuesday July 9, 2013
Featuring the album "Watchdog" by Jim Dexter & John Tobacco

Finn's Revolution playlist for 07/09/2013

Environmentalist and 90.1 Club Member & guest host JEFF FULLMER joins us with singer/songwriter LEAH KAY at 7, then at 8 Part 2 of my interview with founding member of both The Clash & Public Image Ltd, KEITH LEVENE!

Bob Longman Show playlist for 07/08/2013

requests: #6, #11
thank-yous: #14, #20, #27.

Say Whats Radio playlist for 07/08/2013

with special guest Sailor Boz

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 07/08/2013

Funk and old school

Trim Mix Party playlist for 07/05/2013

Special boom bap hiphop meets reggae for the reggae marathon .cutsupreme on the wheelz

Mix Tape playlist for 07/04/2013

independence radio

Steve K playlist for 07/04/2013

4th of July Special

High Technology Radio playlist for 07/04/2013

sell your creativity for cash

An Eclectic Mess playlist for 07/04/2013

Special 4th of July show with Kris Ambrose and Gino Scalmoto performing live in the studio

Pre-Sunrise Mix playlist for 07/03/2013

Happy 4th of July 2013----Be Safe----Hope You Enjoyed the Pre-4th of July Pre-Sunrise Music Mix. Love-Peace-& Ciao

Suburban Hymns playlist for 07/03/2013

late start

Blue Grass Time playlist for 07/03/2013

Jerry D filling in this week