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Lunchtime playlist for 01/15/2010

Remembering Haiti on this edition. Played side A of Black Uhuru's album Red. Musical relief for a terrible catastrophe.

Thanks to Chris Sorochin for speaking about Haiti, and also sitting in next week for the Lunchtime program. Tune In next week for Chris, and

I'll return the 29th at 11am.

Clam Radio playlist for 01/14/2010

The January boys - Fagen and Beefheart music and a bunch of other stuff for no rhyme or reason.

Free Music Show playlist for 01/13/2010

Featuring samples of New Years Eve Shows from various artists, new friends made in Boulder, and previewing Patchogue Jam 3

Street FM playlist for 01/12/2010

Every Monday night 12am-3am... The best in the underground music... Hip Hop, Rap & Culture.... Tune in!!!

Freequence playlist for 01/12/2010

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 01/11/2010

Bryan fills in for John O's Salvage & Recovery Show... Tries to Salvage...

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 01/11/2010

Wayne and Belal in the old school R&B club classics

Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 01/10/2010

Tonight's show features a wide variety of music, both new and not-so-new. Tune in at 8 for two hours of great tunes!

Bob Duffy playlist for 01/09/2010

Joe Vecchio filling-in. Aztec Two-Step/Pete Fornatale ticket giveaway. Congratulations winners!

Ludwig Leopold playlist for 01/09/2010

Hosted by Mr. Edison

Unsported Live playlist for 01/09/2010

The Unsported girls couldn't make it tonight, so a few of the WUSB women stepped up to the plate to fillin in for them. We had Debbie (Down Home Country), Eve (The Long Island Sound), Habanero (Whatever Floats Yer Boat) and Rosanne (Cheap Thrills). Thanks to Joe V for engineering (and playing the 'go out with the boys and chase sheep all night' Station ID at the perfect time)!

Trim Mix Party playlist for 01/08/2010

real hiphop boom bap top 15 joints of the week plus vapor radio

Lunchtime playlist for 01/08/2010

Musical Buffet each Friday ..... Today's a grey friday in Stony Brook, so why not raise the heat with some good ol' humor. Our guest this morning is Barry Louis Polisar, songwriter, performer, and artist's rights advocate. Barry wrote, "All I Want Is You" back in the early 1970's ... fast forward to 2003, when movie director Jason Reitman selects his song for the movie Juno's opening credits. There's a new collection of Barry's songs a that features Indie Band's covering his material.

Today's Elvis Presley's 75th Birthday, too. So we dig deep into the WUS Vinyl room for our own Lunchtime birthday wishes to the late, great (once know as) The KING.

Also a nod to WUSB's very own Mr. Edison (No Apologies, Jazz On The Air, Ludwig Leopold, curator of Zappathon, editor of our once in a while newsletter, and just really great dude) with a set of Frank Zappa (again from the vinyl room).

Yes, we'll have a recipe this week (sorry, but I got carried last program)

Thanks for tuning in, enjoy the show ..... and check us out next week when we explore the world of Ice Sailing (like they do on Lake Ronkonkoma).

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 01/08/2010

Happy Birthday Elvis!! He turned 75 today! :)

SOUNDS OF LIBERATION - Spiritual Guide/Referent To The Past/Drinking Youth
ON FILLMORE - master moon
JIM DUFFY - If You Insist/After The Storm/Early Germ / Free Formation
ELISA LUU - Chromatic Sigh/Pixie Space Rock
FRED BIGOT - Chant/Symmetriad/Binary/Ternary
TRAYER - Ladyfingers/Builds-a-Kite/A/WEHAV EENTE REDAH OLYPA TTERN/Wanderlust, Fast Shoe/Health and Magic Waxing
ROBERTO CARLOS LANGE - Amazonian Pacific/Abajo/So Men Te
NERBEATER - need some drums
MATIAS AGUAYO - rollerskate
LOWELL BRAMS - Alpha To Theta