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Polka Express playlist for 06/30/2013

0500-0900 hrs.

Sunday Street playlist for 06/30/2013

Several tracks from DOWNPOUR, a brilliant new album from Lynn Miles, a sampling of some of the songs on a new two CD tribute to Kate McGarrigle, new music from Si Kahn, The Paul McKenna Band and others,and a few songs for the Fourth of July, were featured on today's program.Opening

Jazz On The Air playlist for 06/30/2013

Sultry, Sassy & Sonata Suite.

Hopscotch playlist for 06/30/2013

Hectic Electric playlist for 06/29/2013

Clam Radio filled the airwaves from 8:40pm - 9:30pm

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 06/28/2013

Mark Klein's Fri.morning
Blues Warehouse(8-10am)est.

Lunchtime playlist for 06/28/2013

Fridays 10 am to 1pm

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 06/28/2013

for more info on anything, send a text to: 203-632-WUSB (9872)

Mix Tape playlist for 06/27/2013

bonerskid or bust

Clam Radio playlist for 06/27/2013

A mess of stuff. Happy Birthday Bruce Johnston. Goodbye Alan Myers.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 06/27/2013

that real underground boom bap hiphop