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The Overnightmare playlist for 09/03/2011

Serve us with a smile :)

Bob Duffy playlist for 09/03/2011

Programming at WUSB for more than 30 years, Bob Duffy is still looking for the perfect pop song.

Gerry Riemer playlist for 09/03/2011

Saturday Morning

COOP Sky Blue playlist for 09/02/2011

Back to School During Wartime; Climate Change and more

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 09/02/2011

Blues with a Feeling With L'Hommedieu

Lunchtime playlist for 09/02/2011

Come on in the Grille is open! Still serving Stax Soul Singles as our feature.

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 09/02/2011

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1. BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH - Chance of Rain
2. BUTTERCREAM GANG - I Don't Know What to Say
3. ATTIC - War We're at War
4. CANON BLUE - Native
5. FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE - Cold Comfort Flowers
6. GOLD LEAVES - Hanging Window

8. TY SEAGLL - Goodbye Bread
9. WOODS - Pushing Onlys
10. PALEO - In The Movies
11. MILK MAID - Same As What
12. IDAHO - Structure
13. CITY AND COLOUR - We Found Each Other In the Dark
14. METRONOMY - Some Written
15. THE WAR ON DRUGS - Best Night

16. AMEN DUNES - Lower Mind
17. ARMY NAVY - Hunter
18. SHE KEEPS BEES - Farmer
19. TOTAL SLACKER - Crystal Necklace
20. CYMBALS EAT GUITARS - Shore Points
21. CYMBALS EAT GUITARS - Keep Me Waiting

Tonite's "Battle of the Bands" set: Jacuzzi Boys vs. Male Bonding...
22. JACUZZI BOYS - Vizcaya
23. MALE BONDING - Tame The Sun
24. JACUZZI BOYS - Automatic Jail
25. MALE BONDING - Seems To Notice Now
26. JACUZZI BOYS - Glazin

Mix Tape playlist for 09/01/2011

do ittttt

High Technology Radio playlist for 09/01/2011

smells like spilled beer

Steve K playlist for 09/01/2011

A mini- early farwell to Summer..B-Day nods to Ginger Baker and Buddy Holly and some psychedelic stuff thrown in..

An Eclectic Mess playlist for 09/01/2011

Lupa special in studio guest , the finest Reggae rapper on Long Island , last 40 minutes of show.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 08/31/2011

Interview with Bernard White

The Outer Library playlist for 08/31/2011

host : Bryan

Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/30/2011

Our featured guest is … Bill Loeber. A native of the Midwest, as he puts it “with good sensible Midwest values”. Bill is a graduate of University of Minnesota in engineering, MBA from University of Wisconsin. Bill is currently consulting on internet business strategies and running http://www.PhotoArtPeople.com, a printing company in San Diego. Bill feels that politics is essentially “idea marketing”, and it blows him away how ordinary people can be brainwashed into subscribing to ideologies that are against their self-interest. We will hear about his “The biggest megaphone Unified Theory of politics” and a whole lot more

Our resident storyteller, Margaret Meyers will join us from the Twin Cities. Margaret’s website is www.storyteller.net/tellers/mmeyers

Music today is from George Harrison.
http://www.georgeharrison.com/ - watch the trailer for the martin scorsese film