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Country Pocket playlist for 02/11/2016

Darrell Scott drops by to discuss last year's Ten: Songs of Ben Bullington, which I called album of the year for 2015. Artist's pick was a bit complicated as Ben Bullington has passed, but based on the lyrics to one of his songs I gave it to Kris Kristofferson. Due to a lack of a new Dialogos I reran large parts of last week's show with Dori Freeman during the second hour followed by the Dixie Chicks as they were a topic of conversation. Cory Morrow finished it off with his take on It's a Great Day to be Alive. Morrow is an upcoming Country Pocket guest and Scott Wrote the song.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 02/11/2016

boom bap hiphop feat interviews with tore master ace and pearl gates

Global Rhythms playlist for 02/11/2016

The SW abbreviated, post (how) Pfatt (can a) Tuesday (get),Arctic Chill Comin' on in a Big Way Edition of Global Rhythms

Battlezone Radio playlist for 02/10/2016

Battlezone Radio is broadcasted from The State University Of New York at Stony Brook. The show is hosted by DJ Digit Al, Struggle(PCU),and AC Tha God. We have the hottest DJ's on Long Island DeeJay Tiger and DJ Richie Rukkuss and occasionally have guest DJ's from abroad breaking in new artists and classic hip hop. The show consists of interviews and commentary as well. We have been voted the "BEST" new hip hop show in New York. If you want to hear "TRUSKOOL" hip hop you now have an alternative to commercial mainstream radio.

Astrologica playlist for 02/10/2016

fill-in by DJ Cornflower

Blue Grass Time playlist for 02/10/2016

2 hours of bluegrass music

Cafe`Ali playlist for 02/10/2016

We will be Talking to, Kool Herc about his upcoming Dance Party at CAC. Paige Patterson will talk to us about her upcoming Performance Friday. Uncle Adams will talk to us about his positive rap. In between the Talk we will hear, nothing but Earth Wind and Fire Tunes. Southside Johnny at the Paramount, Tickets will be with us also.
P.S.Remember You can listen on line at wusb.fm or by using your tune in app.

Jim Dexter playlist for 02/09/2016

Jim's Show for Tuesday February 9, 2016

WUSB Recess playlist for 02/09/2016

DJ Cornflower plays the hits

Street FM playlist for 02/09/2016

George Rudolph filling in for Ike. 12:00-3:30 am

Finn's Revolution playlist for 02/09/2016

Fat Tuesday, baby!

Radio 631 playlist for 02/08/2016

DJ Mondian here with some new tunes and, for a change of pace, a little history on ~VAPORWAVE~, a lesser-known subculture in electronic music. a lot of documentary snippings. 12-2 Monday mornings. I also covered Purple Starlight, check out that playlist too @ 2-4am 2/8/16 (Monday).

Purple Starlight playlist for 02/08/2016

DJ Mondian here, filling in for Kim. wooooo, more electronic tunez, new and old.

WUSB Alternatives playlist for 02/08/2016

DJ Mondian here. just sorta filling this space. didn't feel like leaving yet, and had a bunch of new music to play. wheeee note: the alternative radio track listed at the bottom was interspersed between a bunch of songs

Medicine Unplugged playlist for 02/08/2016

Mondian here again. Wasn't sure if this is the right show to post my list under, or if it should be in the show "A Few Words". Just keepin' the tunes a comin. 6-7am fill in, electronic fun times.

Workhorse Radio playlist for 02/08/2016

Mondian here-- last fill in! Workout jams and new music adds. Gettin' away from the electro a little, finally. We also had winners to our TEEN ticket giveaway and our LI Winterfest giveaway, cool. :)