Lunchtime playlist for 08/05/2011

Come on in ... the Cafe's Open!!!

Skagasm playlist for 08/05/2011

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 08/05/2011

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Don't tase me bro!

1. BIG PAUPER - Bread and Puppet / Your Night Time Energy is the Dream of the Elf / Clove Hitch
2. PEOPLE LIKE US - Driving Flying Rising Falling
3. ART BRUT - Clever Clever Jazz
4. SCUMBAG PHILOSOPHER - God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead
7. SANTAH - No Other Women
8. TY SEAGLL - I Can't Feel It
9. WOODS - To Have In The Home
10. THE DEMOS - Impossible
11. THE DISAPPEARING ACT - Don't Get Hung Up
12. LITTLE GOLD - Half The Time
In this set, some bloke named “Big Trev”, in his own words.
(similar dry humorous stylings to the Ricky Gervais/ Stephen Merchant TV show “An Idiot Abroad”, where they send a regular guy, Karl Pilkington, who has odd perspectives on everything, to see The 7 Wonders of the World, and follow him around with a TV crew to film it all and get his somewhat priceless reactions)

Mix Tape playlist for 08/04/2011

doin' it

An Eclectic Mess playlist for 08/04/2011

About an hour into the mess old frinds John Molinari and Phil Shipman stopped by to talk about life and music old and new (Soilbirds , Bofunk Brothers , Rocketeers and Johnnys band out of Austin , Texas , Treachery Of Others. Talk, live Music and Mayhem.

Steve K playlist for 08/04/2011

Mini Tributes to Amy Winehouse and Etta James..etc.

High Technology Radio playlist for 08/04/2011

Double Bingo!

Global Rhythms playlist for 08/04/2011

Flying North to Border on the Magnificent in Canada; "the fierce urgency of now" Dr Martin Luther King; One more for the HF Chargers of '76...Still Crazy After All These Years!

Blue Grass Time playlist for 08/03/2011

6-8 PM 2 Hours of Bluegrass Music
7-8 featuring artists performing at this years LI Bluegrass festival Sat Aug 20 Tanner Park, Copiague, NY

The Outer Library playlist for 08/03/2011

New Indie and Self Release from Brooklyn and Manhattan with your host Mike Gildersleeve every Wednesday 10pm to 12Midnight

Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/02/2011

Our featured guest, is Mike Palecek, author, publisher and radio personality. he co-hosts The New American Dream Radio Hour.

Our resident story teller, Margaret Meyers will join us from the twin cities area. Margaret’s website is

We will also have Nina from the south country peace group to tell us about their saturday march commemorating hiroshima bombing.

Music from the early 90’s "one-album wonder" San Francisco group 4 Non Blondes.

Jim Dexter playlist for 08/02/2011

Jim's Show for August 2, 2011

Bob Longman Show playlist for 08/02/2011

local: #16, #29
request: #11