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Say Whats Radio playlist for 06/29/2015

With special guest: Joe Mineo

Traditional Folk playlist for 06/29/2015

Captain Phil fills in for the traditional folk show!

Epoch playlist for 06/29/2015

Fill in for Soul Glo Bistro

Chris Squire Marathon

Jazz On The Air playlist for 06/28/2015

More 'nette!
Hosted by Mr. Edison

Bob Duffy playlist for 06/27/2015

Programming with WUSB for more than 37 years, Bob Duffy is still searching for the perfect pop song.

On this program, we celebrated the 38th anniversary of WUSB broadcasting on the FM band, which started on June 27th, 1977.

Follow Bob on Twitter: @RobertBDuffy

Blues Warehouse playlist for 06/26/2015

Mark Klein's Fri.morning
Blues Warehouse (8-10am)est.

Fermented Radio playlist for 06/26/2015

Writers' Corner today

10am to 1pm

BAM; Linda Frank; Donald E Allen; Izzy Zarowski & Marilyn Levinson

Mix Tape playlist for 06/25/2015