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Everything Is Broken playlist for 04/07/2015

Our program tomorrow TUESDAY APRIL 7; 1:00PM EDT will have particular emphasis on the long and disturbing history of USA relations with Latin America, with particular emphasis on Venezuela. Our featured guest is Alfredo Lopez. Alfredo is a long time activist, journalist, teacher and organizer. He writes frequently for thiscantbehappening.net. He is also co-Director of May First/People Link.
... and remember this is our Spring Radiothon - give early give often!! and thank you! go here: www.wusb.fm

Jim Dexter playlist for 04/07/2015

Jim's Show for Tuesday April 7, 2015

Purple Starlight playlist for 04/06/2015

Currently on alternating Monday mornings midnight - 3am

Workhorse Radio playlist for 04/06/2015

Steve K filling in

Jazz On The Air playlist for 04/05/2015

Spring...gateway to Summer...

Polka Express playlist for 04/05/2015

Extra Section for Eddie D 5:00-6:00 P M 1700-1800 hrs.

Workhorse 60s at 6 playlist for 04/05/2015

Steve K filling in

WUSB Alternatives playlist for 04/04/2015

filll in for interzone by funk master fuhlexa and psychedelic jesus

Fugue Atop The Mobius Strip playlist for 04/04/2015

Gorgeous, billowing, obsidian clouds of pollutant filled the welcoming little valley. "Just take me," the valley said. "Take all of me."