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The Echo of Echo of the 80s Marathon!!!

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An in-studio visit from Pete Mancini and Chris Smith (of Butchers Blind) was featured on today's program along with several tracks from a forthcoming Thompson "Family" album produced by Teddy Thompson. Black 47 this week ends their twenty-five year run of performances, so we played a couple of songs from their recent album. And we noted the passing this week of Maggie Boyle and the third anniversary of the passing of Terence Martin.

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The JoJo Filling In For Ellen So Let's Get Ready For Some Good Old Rock-n-Roll

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Friday 10am to Noon

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The Happy Birthday Tiana Show

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Tribute to Jack Bruce..some old favorites for Radiothon

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Steve Hackett Interview announcement and councert prep, Genesis marathon.

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that real boom bap hiphop new top 15 a new in rotation segment and a trip in the tyme machine

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My guest today is Laura Lowenstein, Esq.
President of Capital Resource Management, a professional debt recovery firm
Managing Member of Laura J. Lowenstein & Associates, a judgement enforcement law firm

You can reach Laura at laura@crmcollect.com, or 844.277.3277 or online www.crmcollect.com

Here is a link to the blog post we discussed that has an important impact on healthcare finance:

Doctors are asking for payment up front!

Here's the NY State of Health info on ACA Exchange Plans

Dignity Health, a three-state hospital chain based in San Francisco, has agreed to pay the government $37 million to settle claims that it overbilled Medicare and a military health care program for years.