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WOJNAROWICZ Director on Tom Needham’s SOUNDS OF FILM


WOJNAROWICZ director Chris McKim is Tom Needham’s special guest on the next SOUNDS OF FILM

WOJNAROWICZ is a fiery and urgent documentary portrait of the downtown New York City artist, writer, photographer, and activist David Wojnarowicz. As New York City became the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, Wojnarowicz weaponized his work and waged war against the establishment’s indifference to the plague until his death from it in 1992 at the age of 37.

For more information, visit https://patch.com/new-york/smithtown/calendar/event/20210318/1007386/woj...

Airs Thursday, March 18, 6-8 PM.

Harvard Physicist/Filmmaker Peter Galison Joins Tom Needham on SOUNDS OF FILM


Harvard Physicist/Filmmaker Peter Galison Joins Tom Needham for a Remarkable Discussion About Black Holes on the next SOUNDS OF FILM.

Peter is the director of BLACK HOLES: THE EDGE OF ALL WE KNOW. The documentary asks what can black holes teach us about the boundaries of knowledge? These holes in spacetime are the darkest objects and the brightest—the simplest and the most complex. With unprecedented access, Black Hole | The Edge of All We Know follows two powerhouse collaborations. Stephen Hawking anchors one, striving to show that black holes do not annihilate the past. Another group, working in the world’s highest-altitude observatories, creates an earth-sized telescope to capture the first-ever image of a black hole. Interwoven with other dimensions of exploring black holes, these stories bring us to the pinnacle of humanity’s quest to understand the universe.

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/TheSoundsofFilm/photos/a.487394718447602/109848...

Airs Thursday, March 11, 6-8 PM.

WUSB's Sunday Street Series at The Long Island Museum: Songs of Hope, Renewal and Remembrance


It will be shown on the Long Island Museum's Facebook page on Sunday, March 28th at 7 P.M. (on the day of the webcast, we'll post a YouTube link on that page)

While it will still be a long time before we can present live shows in WUSB's Sunday Street Series at The Long Island Museum, that won't stop us from presenting an occasional webcast.

We presented the well-received 'Songs of Wintertide" in December and last month we shared a live stream concert with Joe Jencks and Rod MacDonald.

With spring approaching (yes!!!!) we're planning the following webcast and we're asking you to join us. (link will be available on the day of the broadcast)

The performers include;

James Maddock, Mary Gauthier, TEOA (The End of America), Ellis Paul, The Kennedys, Sloan Wainwright, Toby Walker, Pat Wictor, Abbie Gardner, Sam Baker, and Gerry McKeveny (of Gathering Time) will be joined by Jim Moray (from England), James Keelaghan (from Canada) and Paul McKenna (from Scotland)

Most of these artists have played The Sunday Street Series at The Long Island Museum in past years.

There's no charge but contributions to participating artists will be accepted with gratitude.

PEOPLE VS. AGENT ORANGE'S Filmmakers Up Next On Tom Needham's SOUNDS OF FILM


Filmmakers Kate Taverna and Alan Adelson, composer Roman Molino Dunn, and YOU WILL DIE AT TWENTY director, Amjad Abu Alala, join Tom Needham on the next SOUNDS OF FILM.

For more information, visit https://www.broadwayworld.com/long-island/article/PEOPLE-VS-AGENT-ORANGE...

Airs Thursday, March 4, 6-8 PM.

'TIL KINGDOM COME Filmmakers Talk Trump, Netanyahu & Religion On Tom Needham's SOUNDS OF FILM


'TIL KINGDOM COME director Maya Zinshtein and producer Abraham 'Abie' Troen are Tom Needham's special guests on the next SOUNDS OF FILM.

The film features the Binghams, a dynasty of Kentucky pastors, and their Evangelical congregants in an impoverished coal mining town. They donate sacrificially to Israel's foremost philanthropic organization, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, because they fervently believe the Jews are crucial to Jesus's return. This film traces this unusual relationship, from rural Kentucky to the halls of government in Washington, through the moving of the American Embassy in Jerusalem and to the annexation plan of the West-Bank.

For more information, visit https://www.broadwayworld.com/long-island/article/TIL-KINGDOM-COME-Filmm...

Airs Thursday, February 25, 6-8 PM.

Captain Phil interviews Composer Peter Manning Robinson


Captain Phil will be talking about the amazing Refractor Piano with composer Peter Manning Robinson, along with his new album Double Helix, this Thursday, February 25, starting at 3:00 PM.

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/4251649324849553

Airs Thursday, February 25, 3-5 PM.

Composer Matthew Head Talks PBS' THE BLACK CHURCH On Tom Needham's SOUNDS OF FILM


THE BLACK CHURCH's composer Matthew Head joins Tom Needham on the next SOUNDS OF FILM.

"The Black Church: This is Our Story, This is Our Song" is a two-part documentary that focuses on the broad history and culture of the Black church.

For more information, visit https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/Composer-Matthew-Head-Talks-...

Airs Thursday, February 18, 6-8 PM.

WUSB: Love Grams

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LAPSIS Director Noah Hutton Up Next On Tom Needham's SOUNDS OF FILM

Noah Hutton, the writer/director/composer of LAPSIS, joins Tom Needham for a fascinating conversation about robots, gig workers, surveillance concerns, and filmmaking on Thursday's SOUNDS OF FILM.

For more information, visit https://www.broadwayworld.com/long-island/article/LAPSIS-Director-Noah-H...

Airs Thursday, February 11, 6-8 PM.

THE MOLE AGENT'S Maite Alberdi Up Next On Tom Needham's SOUNDS OF FILM


Chilean Filmmaker Maite Alberdi joins Tom Needham for a conversation about THE MOLE AGENT on Thursday's THE SOUNDS OF FILM. Named one of the Best Documentaries of 2020 by IndieWire and recently announced to be Chile's submission to the 93rd Academy Awards in the category of Best International Film, The Mole Agent follows 83-year-old Sergio Chamy who is sent as an undercover spy to a Chilean retirement home to track suspected elder abuse.

For more information, visit https://www.broadwayworld.com/long-island/article/THE-MOLE-AGENTS-Maite-...

Airs Thursday, February 4, 6-8 PM.