Schedule for Tuesday

12-3am0-11-22-3Street FMHip Hop
3-6am3-44-55-6Time Slotmiscellaneous
6-8am6-66-77-8Jim DexterMusicJim Dexter
8-10am8-99-10The Spin ZoneMusicJersey Jim
10-11am10-11Overturehumor, satire, radio drama, linguistic trivia, etc. (Oh, yeah: music too!) -bam
11am-12pm11-12Long Island Liberty, With BAMNews & Views -- a libertarian perspectivebam
12-1pm12-13WUSB RecessThe ultimate in freeform radio! We use this time to train new staff and air pre-recorded material.Cornflower, Krissy Rubbles, Music Director
1-3pm13-1414-1414-15Everything Is Brokentalk: news, views and interviewsJim Lynch
3-5pm15-1616-17Don't Call Us FreaksA free-form freakout melee of crunchy gnar
5-6pm17-18Democracy Now!News and TalkWUSB DJ
6-7pm18-19Off The WallNews/TalkWUSB DJ
7-9pm19-2020-21Finn's RevolutionMusicFinn
9pm-12am21-2222-2323-0Robot RadioAwesome musicMogara