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Schedule for Friday

12-3am0-11-22-3Trim Mix PartyRap, Hip-Hopcutsupreme
3-4am3-4Hiphop OverdoseMusic
4-5am4-5Alternative RadioAlternative RadioKrissy Rubbles, Music Director
5-6am5-6Election Connection 2016Talk
6-8am6-66-77-8Hypnosmoothie RadioLively music to wake up byHypnoSmoothie
8-10am8-99-10Blues WarehouseBluesMark Klein
10am-12pm10-1111-12Fermented RadioFood and MusicLudwig Leopold
12-1pm12-13WUSB News at NoonNews/TalkWUSB News Team
1-3pm13-1414-15Cool Downrock/pop
3-5pm15-1616-17Cosmic Couch RadioFree-formCosmic Couch
5-6pm17-18Democracy Now!News and TalkWUSB DJ
6-7pm18-19Natural AlternativesTalk
7-9pm19-2020-21Rockin' IrationReggae
9-11:30pm21-2222-2323-23Live from WUSBLive Broadcast
11:30pm-12am23-0 Destinies - The voice of Science FictionTalk