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Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/23/2014

Our program TOMORROW TUESDAY september 23; 1:00PM will focus on corporate rule, from outsized CEO compensation to corporate welfare queens.

Our featured guest is Michael Faulkender. Mike’s research focuses on empirical corporate finance in the areas of capital structure, risk management, corporate liquidity, and executive compensation. His work has been published in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, and Review of Financial Studies and has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and The New York Times. He teaches classes in the Specialty Master's, EMBA, and the MBA programs at the Smith School. He also serves as the Director of the Master of Finance program. http://www.rhsmith.umd.edu

Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/16/2014

Our program TUESDAY 1:00PM will focus on ISIL; the islamic state. our featured guest is Ricardo Larémont. He is currently professor of political science and sociology at Binghamton University where he has served on the faculty since 1997. His work focuses on North Africa and the Sahel. He is a leading expert on political Islam, Islamic law, conflict resolution, democratization, and civil/military relations.


Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/02/2014

Our program TOMORROW, tuesday september 2; 1:00PM will focus on local politics and activists. We will look at the Long Island Media Task Force as they ramp up for the 2014 and 2016 elections.

Our featured guests are Janine Melillo and Tony Torres. Both guests have deep roots in the Democratic Party’s Move On activist group. Their backgrounds include a range of “day jobs” from aerospace to senior care (Tony), to key mainstream media positions both in Canada and the USA (Janine).


Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/26/2014

Our program tuesday will be about how robots can infiltrate politics. We will also look at the questionable behavior of the Nevada coach in the Little League World Series.

Our featured guest is Robert Luebke. Bob is President/CEO of Solution Technology Associates, Inc., Lansing, MI. He is an expert on robotics and their application to political solutions. His company, since 1974, has a history of helping national and international organizations. His group of Business, Management and Information Technology Consultants have worked with global and domestic companies, government and non-government organizations as well as the military. As one of the three founders, Bob has worked on over 300 projects in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US.

Some info on Telepresence Robots: http://telepresencerobots.com/

Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/19/2014

Our program TUESDAY, 8-19; 1:00PM EDT will focus on an update of ALEC and the Koch Brothers. With Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions by the Supremes, we can see clearly the trajectory of a massive influx of ideological poison in our electoral system and owned governance.

Our featured guest is Nick Surgey. Nick is Director of Research at The Progressive in Madison, WI. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and The Guardian. His research has also been cited in Mother Jones magazine, The Nation magazine, on MSNBC, and many other places including the Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Nick was previously Staff Counsel at Common Cause, where he led the research and legal work on their ALEC and Supreme Court Ethics projects. His passion for working towards social justice has found him previously working with the UK non-profit Refugee Council, at an immigration and asylum law firm, as a union officer, and as an activist/campaigner.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/12/2014

Our program TOMORROW Tuesday 8-12; 1:00PM will focus primarily on Gaza and the building movement of B/D/S/ (boycott/divestiture/sanction) internationally against Israel.

Our featured guest is Danny Muller. Danny focuses on coordinating emergency aid in the Middle East and Haiti. He was most recently in Gaza after Operation Cast Lead in 2009 and immediately before and after Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012. He will be returning in the coming weeks to advance psychosocial support for traumatized Palestinian children and report on the status of over 50 water treatment units the Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA) has installed at UNRWA schools in Gaza.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/05/2014

OUR PROGRAM tomorrow, tuesday; 1:00PM EDT will focus on US foreign policy and domestic surveillance. We will even weave in some hard science with a discussion of natural algorithms as computer scientists attempt to explain our natural world not just our physical one. We will also discuss disastrous blowback to USA foreign policy, including 9/11 and children at our border due to our support of the Honduran coup in 2009.

Our featured guest is the Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University, Bernard Chazelle. Bernard has a great many professional publications and even dabbles in political writing from time to time. He can help us bridge science and politics. He also is affiliated with the Institute for Advanced Studies.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/29/2014

TODAY’S PROGRAM will focus on bought politicians; the norm. we will also attempt to bring us all up to date on the news from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and wherever our empire treads.

Our featured guest is Joshua Graham Lynn from Represent.us. His current campaign lays bare the “bought and payed for” Corporate Party (R- or D-branch). Josh Graham Lynn is a seasoned marketer and communications specialist. As a creative director, he had his work honored by the Rebrand 100 Awards, The Webby Awards, The American Package Design Awards and the Addys.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/22/2014

Tomorrow's program, TUESDAY 1:00PM on air and online will attempt to bring us up to date on all of the news from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and wherever our empire treads.

Our featured guest is Michael Schwartz. Mike is the Distinguished Teaching Professor, Department of Sociology, Stony Brook University. He is an extremely popular professor and has a long list of academic publications. More information here: http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/sociology/people/faculty/schwartz.html

AND … our Senior Florida Correspondent, one Steve Wiehe will opine on life in geezer gulch (and anything else he deems appropriate).

Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/15/2014

Tomorrow, TUESDAY, JULY 15; 1:00PM, we will follow up on last week’s look at occupation and apartheid in Palestine/Israel.

Our featured guest is Ramah Kudaimi. Ramah Kudaimi is the Membership and Outreach Coordinator at the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and serves on the board of the Washington Peace Center. She has worked at several grassroots activist organizations including CODEPINK and the Arab American Action Network. She has a Master of Arts degree in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University.

AND … our Senior Texas Correspondent, one Michael Johnson, will opine on the joy of gun ownership.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/08/2014

TOMORROW, TUESDAY JULY 8; 1:00PM EDT live on air and online at . We will focus on Palestine/Israel, Zionism and proposed solutions.

Our featured guest is Phyllis Bennis. Phyllis is a Fellow at the Institute For Policy Studies where she directs the New Internationalism Project. She is also a fellow of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. She has been a writer, analyst, and activist on Middle East and UN issues for many years. In 2001 she helped found and remains on the advisory board of the U.S. Campaign to End Israeli Occupation. She writes and speaks widely across the U.S. and around the world as part of the global peace movement. She continues to serve as an informal adviser to several top UN officials on Middle East and UN democratization issues.

For her blog and bio go to http://www.ips-dc.org/

Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/01/2014

OUR PROGRAM TUESDAY, 1:00PM, will focus on a variety of topics: from the Supremes' latest decisions, to the Common Core Curriculum which is reviled (for different reasons) by both the left and the right, to Iraq The Sequel, to Homeland Security, and finally to our local community arts scene.

Our featured guest is Dave Lindorff, author and journalist. Dave is the founder of ThisCantBeHappening.net, a consortium of progressive bloggers that now have the dubious distinction of recently being branded a “threat” by Homeland Security! Dave’s full bio can be found at:

ALSO joining us will be Dominique Maciejka. She and I will discuss the local arts scene. Dominique is the owner of Paper Doll Vintage Boutique in Sayville, L.I., NY. Paper Doll has won first place for Long Island's Best Vintage Clothing Store in 2013 and 2014. By hosting art openings and shows at Paper Doll Vintage Boutique, she hopes to display and sell local artwork to the unique and eclectic clientele of the shop.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 06/24/2014

TOMORROW TUESDAY JUNE 24; 1:00PM we will focus on the newest chapter in the USA’s permanent war footing. We will look at the Middle East and Africa.

Our featured guest is John Grant. John is a writer/photographer/filmmaker living in Philadelphia. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and has published both fiction and non-fiction. He shot and edited an 80-minute documentary film called "Second Time Around" about a seriously wounded Vietnam veteran who chose to live and work in Ho Chi Minh City 35 years after his first tour there. John has been to Iraq twice during the war, once as an observer critical of the war and once as a cameraman on a documentary film. He is a Viet Nam vet and an activist with Veterans For Peace.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 06/17/2014

OUR PROGRAM Tuesday; 1:00PM will take dead aim at the sorry state of bloated higher education administration – we will “follow the money” and see why tuition is thru the roof and parents and students are not seeing the value in all the fluff.

OUR FEATURED INTERVIEW SEGMENT IS WITH Benjamin Ginsberg. He is the David Bernstein Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University and is Chair of the Hopkins Center for Advanced Governmental Studies in Washington, DC. His research interests include American politics, Jewish history, higher education policy, and the societal impact of war and violence. He is the author, coauthor or editor of 24 books and is currently working on a survey-based study entitled, “What the Government Thinks of the People.”

Everything Is Broken playlist for 06/10/2014

Tomorrow, TUESDAY 1:00PM will focus primarily on a lost war – no, not all of those … the “War on Drugs.”

OUR FEATURED INTERVIEW SEGMENT IS WITH JEFF REYNOLDS. Jeff is the Executive Director of the Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (LICADD). With offices in Mineola, Ronkonkoma and Riverhead, LICADD provides screening, brief intervention and referrals to treatment, as well as professionally-facilitated family interventions, relapse prevention programs and anger management services to adults and adolescents.


AND … a special in-studio guest, Claudia Friszell, will share with us her very personal family story about drug abuse and its toll on our families and communities.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 06/02/2014

OUR FEATURED GUEST tuesday 6-3-14; 1:00PM is John Bryant. John is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Operation HOPE and Bryant Group Companies. He is the only African-American bestselling business author in the U.S. He serves for President Obama as chairman of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability, Subcommittee on the Underserved and Community Empowerment.
We will discuss his new book: How the Poor Can Save Capitalism: Rebuilding the Path to the Middle Class (Berrett-Koehler, 2013), endorsed by former President Bill Clinton, with a foreword by legendary civil rights leader Andrew Young. In it, Bryant builds a compelling economic argument for investing in America’s least wealthy consumers.

AND … our Senior Florida Correspondent, Steve Wiehe will check in with an update on the geezer coral down there.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 05/27/2014

Tomorrow TUESDAY MAY 27; 1:00PM - on air and online at www.wusb.fm. Our program will cover many issues, from my take on the Memorial Day weekend’s glorification of war to a couple of our frequent flier listener’s venting. We will also feature PART 3 of an analysis of just who is deciding USA foreign policy. Tune in!

Everything Is Broken playlist for 05/20/2014

Our program TUESDAY, May 20 will, like last week, be a mash-up of many items. We will feature Part 2 of an in-depth analysis of “Who is deciding USA foreign policy” … We will also update oure surveillance state, and examine the 9-11 Museum from New Yorker’s point of view.

Last week's show blog entry can be found at http://www.differentwavelengths.com.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 05/13/2014

OUR PROGRAM Tuesday, 1:00PM will be a mash up of many items; so get comfortable and settle in for a bit.

Our featured segment deals with the question of “Who is deciding USA foreign policy” … we will also shed some light on USA propaganda and the increasingly critical issue of net neutrality.

Remember, it is RADIOTHON ... give early, give often!


Everything Is Broken playlist for 05/06/2014

Our program tomorrow TUESDAY, MAY 6; 1:00PM EDT will explore our language and what we have done to it with technology and evolution. There is no right/wrong here, no ideological bias, just the reality that all generations have to adapt to.

Our featured guest is Cathy Spicer. Cathy is the manager of customer content services at PR Newswire and a 19-year veteran of the newswire business. She has worked for PR Newswire since 1995, managing newsrooms in both Cleveland and Chicago. She writes the popular "Grammar Hammer" blog, which is published on both PR Newswire's ProfnetConnect” and “Beyond PR”. When not wrangling the needs of a busy, deadline-driven newsroom or researching grammar rules, she plays the flute and is vice president and publicity chair for the Greater Cleveland Flute Society.

For our music … Philly singer/songwriter Ryan Anthony Massaro (aka Amos Lee).