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Everything Is Broken playlist for 10/01/2013

Tuesday, 1:00PM EDT - live on air and online - our program will focus on the internet and the security state - where the issues like net neutrality meet the "hoovering" of data by the NSA. we will follow the money and see if there is hope for us lowly 99%ers.

OUR FEATURED GUEST is Tim Karr, Senior Director of Strategy for FreePress.org. Tim builds on Free Press' grassroots and policy work to advance the organization's strategic goals and reach new communities. Before joining Free Press, Tim served as executive director of MediaChannel.org and Vice President of Globalvision New Media. He has also worked extensively as an editor, reporter and photojournalist for the Associated Press, Time, Inc., the New York Times and Australia Consolidated Press. Tim critiques, analyzes and reports on media and media policy for the Huffington Post and on his personal blog, MediaCitizen.


Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/24/2013

Our program will not focus on any one social issue or world crisis. We will no doubt tally the damage and produce a “wish list” for progressive action.

OUR FEATURED GUEST is Mort Mecklosky. Mort has hosted WUSB progressive talk shows for 28 years. He and I will survey just what is “broken” and perhaps even find a few things that are not!

For our music today, we feature country singer Alison Krauss teamed with Robert Plant from their 2007 CD “Raising Sand” (produced by T-Bone Burnette).

Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/17/2013

Our program Tuesday, September 17; 1-2:30PM will focus on jobs lost to globalization and USA trade agreements, specifically the ongoing Trans-Pacific Alliance.

OUR FEATURED GUEST is Ben Beachy. Ben is the Research Director for Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. He investigates the impacts and implications of U.S. trade policy on jobs, public interest regulation, financial stability and democratic policymaking. Before joining Global Trade Watch, Beachy analyzed the impacts of U.S. trade, aid, and lending policies in Latin America for six years as a Nicaragua-based policy analyst and as a D.C.-based National Organizer for Witness for Peace.

Our music will feature country storyteller Todd Snyder. Todd will be in New York on Friday night at the Beacon Theatre.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/10/2013

join us TUESDAY, september 10; 1:00PM. our program will focus on the impact of fundamentalist extremism, irregardless of god, “sacred texts”, tribe or country.

OUR FEATURED GUEST is Michael Sosteric. Michael is a sociologist in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Athabasca University in Alberta. He is interested in the Sociology of Religion, violence in society, stratification and inequality, gender socialization, and the big questions of life. He teaches the Sociology of Religion at Athabasca University and is currently writing a book on the Sociology of Religion and is working on developing a spiritually sophisticated psychology of healing and health.


Our music will feature a great local Long Island band: Miles to Dayton.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/03/2013

Our program, live on air and online will focus on a decades-long success story of the USA gutting it’s middle class and now taking on the poor. From the USA mythology of exceptionalism to dangerous free-market fundamentalism; from permanent war to privatization of everything, have we lost also the core of our society?

OUR FEATURED GUEST is George Tyler. Author of “What Went Wrong, How the 1% hijacked the American middle class … and what other nations got right.” George is an economist who brings a varied background as an American and international government official and successful entrepreneur in the U.S. and Europe.

A far more extensive bio and info on his book "What Went Wrong" can be found at his website

Our music today we feature the NY Finger Lakes band Donna The Buffalo.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/27/2013

Our program TUESDAY, AUGUST 27 - 1-3:00PM EDT will focus on ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), the highly controversial conservative group that provides model legislation written by corporations pushing a pro-corporate agenda.

Our featured guest is Michael O’Brien, founder & principal of MOB Advocacy, a full-service, multi-state government relations firm located in Fairfax City, Virginia. He is a state & local lobbyist. Michael brings over ten years of state and local government relations experience working with corporations, national trade associations and non-profit organizations. Michael has lobbied governors, mayors, legislators, state and local agencies and regulators in over 40 states.

For our music we will dig deep into the WUSB bin for some blues from The Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/20/2013

Our program for TUESDAY AUGUST 20 - 1-3PM EDT will feature Long Island food sustainability. Adelphi University and Sustainable Long Island have collaborated on a study.

Our guests include Sarah Eichberg, Adelphi University's Director of Community Research. She oversees the Institute for Social Research and Community Engagement and the Vital Signs project. A sociologist with a background in gender studies and public health. Eichberg is the author of numerous research and policy reports, including Long Island’s first comprehensive study of barriers and facilitators to health care access on Long Island and, more recently, The Truth and The Facts: Food Inequality on Long Island, an in-depth look at food access and health in three Suffolk County communities.

AND … Fernando Tirado, Director of Programs of Sustainable Long Island. He is responsible for managing the organization's programs including: brownfield redevelopment, food equity, environmental justice, community revitalization, and the high school fellowship and others.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/13/2013

Our program TUESDAY August 13; 1-3PM EDT will feature an update on the wild horses roundups in the west. we will explore the points of view of activists, indigenous north americans and the federal government on this very emotional issue.

Our guests include Paula Todd King, Director of Communications from The Cloud Foundation. Paula is a write and also a founding member of New Mexico Against Horse Slaughter.

AND … our Senior Florida Correspondent Steve Wiehe will check in from West Palm to give us his take on current events.

Our music today will feature some fun tracks from Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/06/2013

TUESDAY 1-3:00PM, live on air and on line. our program will feature a look at the failed “War on Drugs” and it’s myriad related issues. we will also look closely at the nuclear disaster in Japan – Fukushima. recent developments have revealed a breach of their “pretend” barrier with the pacific ocean – this is breaking news not for the faint of heart. this is well beyond “brokenness” as we usually frame it.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/30/2013

Habanero (aka Sue Montana) filling in for Jim Lynch today, talking about things that are Broken in the healthcare system. Here is the source for some of the material presented with today's broadcast.

My Guest:
Christine Egan, CHC, AADP, Author, "The Healthy Girl's Guide to Breast Cancer"

How The Medical Profession is Being Forced To Game The System, Michael Kirsch, MD http://mdwhistleblower.blogspot.com/

Your Practice Management Software Is Only As Good As Your Practice Management, Mary Pat Whaley http://managemypractice.com/

Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/23/2013

TOMORROW, tuesday july 23!!! 1-3PM. live on air and online. Our program will feature a look at present authoritarian leanings in USA . As counterpoint, we will go in depth at a regional solution to economic and social issues using our largest state, California, as our test subject.

Our featured guest is Marcus Ruiz Evans, born in Fresno, CA to a European American father employed as a mechanical engineer, and a Mexican American mother employed as an information technology professional. Evans gained experience as a liaison between the California state government and the U.S. federal government involved in the distribution of federal transportation grants to the
infrastructural needs of various regions throughout the state. He has worked directly in state offices located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Sacramento Valley, the San Joaquin Valley and the Inland Empire. Professionally familiar with the ongoing status and needs of California's infrastructure and transportation systems, Evans is additionally experienced in statewide goods movement efficiency and international freight system operations. links to a couple of Marcus Evans YouTube vids:

Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/16/2013

Our program TUESDAY, July 16; 1-3PM EDT - on air and online at www.wusb.fm. we will feature a look at politics and journalism. Is traditional journalism dead? What are the trends in online journalism? My opinion piece will be an attempt to find ONE historical thing that conservatives have not been on the WRONG side of history on.

The featured guest is Sam Husseini. Sam is the Director of Media and Communications at the Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA). His articles on politics, foreign affairs, public policy, media, and pop culture have been published in the Washington Post and other outlets. He is also founder of WashingtonStakeout.com -- which features tough questioning of political figures as well as VotePact.org -- which encourages disenchanted Democrats and Republicans to team up and vote for their preferred candidates. Prior to joining IPA, Husseini was media director for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

We will also speak with Francis Hamit about Edward Snowden. Seems we don’t agree on this one.

Our music will feature Linda Ronstadt.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/09/2013

Our program TUESDAY JULY 9; 1:20PM EDT, live on air and online at www. wusb.fm. We will feature a comprehensive look at drone warfare from the military perspective - specifically why drones, where are they used, are they effective – and of course the legal and moral issues. This should be a spirited debate!

Our featured guest is Mike Lewis, Professor of Law at Ohio Northern University. Mike flew F-14's for the US Navy in Operation Desert Shield, conducted strike planning for Desert Storm and was deployed to the Persian Gulf to enforce the no-fly zone over Iraq. He was a Topgun graduate in 1992 and was featured in a NOVA documentary on Topgun and aircraft carriers.

After his naval service, Lewis graduated from Harvard Law School. He has published articles and essays on various aspects of the law of war and the conflict between the US and al Qaeda. His work has been cited by the Seventh, Ninth and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeals. He has testified before Congress on the legality of drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen and on the civil liberties tradeoffs associated with trying some Al Qaeda members or terrorist suspects before military commissions.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/02/2013

Our program TUESDAY, 1:00PM EDT - live on air and online at www.wusb.fm will feature a look at war … and peace – no we wont be reading that book! we will examine ways to wage peace instead of war. we will also listen to an episode of Talk Nation Radio and hear from historian Peter Kuznick for a discussion of his book with Oliver Stone “The Untold History of the United States.”

Our featured guest is Paul Chappell. A 2002 graduate of West Point, Paul served in the army for seven years leaving active duty in November 2009 as a Captain. He currently serves as the Peace Leadership Director for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, whose mission is to educate and advocate for peace in a world free of nuclear weapons, and to empower peace leaders. Today, Chappell lectures across the country and internationally, he also teaches college courses and workshops on Peace Leadership. His newest book is THE ART OF WAGING PEACE A Strategic Approach to Improving Our Lives and the World. http://paulkchappell.com

AND … our Senior Florida Correspondent STEVEN WIEHE will check in from West Palm to give us his take on current events.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 06/25/2013

TUESDAY 6/25; 1-3PM EDT. Our program will feature a look at politics and art, activism and building worker solidarity in third world nations. we will also continue our discussion of the NSA data mining of our online activity and phone conversations and of course the “hunt for Edward Snowden” by our government. Lastly we will listen to Talk Nation Radio featuring the film “Dirty Wars."

Our featured guest is Stephanie McMillan. Stephanie has been a political cartoonist since 1992. She creates the comic strip Minimum Security. Her cartoons have appeared on hundreds of websites and in print publications worldwide including the Los Angeles Times, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Yes! Magazine, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian, plus textbooks and anthologies.
She has three books, a comics collection, Attitude Presents Minimum Security (NBM, 2005), a graphic novel with writer Derrick Jensen, As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial (Seven Stories Press, 2007), and a children’s book, Mischief in the Forest (also with Derrick Jensen, PM Press, 2010).

Everything Is Broken playlist for 06/18/2013

TOMORROW, TUESDAY 1-3:00PM EDT, live on air and online at www.wusb.fm - our program will feature a look at the military industrial complex, empire and further discussion of the NSA data mining of our online activity and phone conversations. Remember: Watch What You Say!/Watch What You Write!

Our featured guest is David Swanson. He blogs at http://davidswanson.org and http://warisacrime.org and works for http://rootsaction.org. He hosts Talk Nation Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @davidcnswanson and FaceBook.
David Swanson's books include: War Is A Lie (2010), When the World Outlawed War (2011), and The Military Industrial Complex at 50 (2012). He has been a journalist, activist, organizer, educator, and agitator. Swanson helped plan the nonviolent occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington DC in 2011.

Our music today, english folk rock band Mumford & Sons. The band consists of Marcus Mumford (lead vocals, guitar, drums, mandolin), Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboards, accordion, drums), Winston Marshall (vocals, banjo, guitar, resonator guitar), and Ted Dwane (vocals, string bass, drums, guitar).

Everything Is Broken playlist for 06/11/2013

TUESDAY JUNE 11; 1-3:00PM EDT. join us on air or online at wusb.fm. our program will feature discussion of the NSA data mining of all of our online activity and phone conversations. We will hear from yet another brave whistleblower Edward Snowden. We will discuss the slippery slope of the surveillance state that we live in today. watch what you say!

Our featured guest is Dave Lindorff, author and journalist. Dave is the founder of This Cant Be Happening dot net, a consortium of bloggers that try to make sense of the madness of a failing democracy. Dave’s full bio can be found at:

Our music today, some funky blues from Joan Osborne. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Osborne

Everything Is Broken playlist for 06/04/2013

Tomorrow, tuesday, june 4 - 1-3:00PM EDT - on air and online. Our program will feature the discussion of the inter relationship between world peace and peace of mind.

Our featured guest is Mark Setton. Mark Setton, D.Phil., has studied and published works on East Asian philosophy for the past 30 years. He earned his B.A. and M.A. at Sungkyunkwan University, the only Confucian university in Asia. He has taught here at Stony Brook University, the University of California at Berkeley, and Oxford University, where he earned his doctorate. He is presently teaching East Asian philosophy and world religions, as well as his favorite course “Perspectives on Happiness,” at the University of Bridgeport.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 05/28/2013

TUESDAY MAY 28 - 1:00-3:00PM EDT. live on air and online at www. wusb.fm. our program will feature the White House/CIA drone program. we will learn a great deal from our brave activists trying to slap some sense into our culture about this pandora’s box that has been opened.

Our featured guest is Elliott Adams. Elliot is past national President of Veterans For Peace, was a paratrooper in the infantry serving in Viet Nam, Japan, Korea, and Alaska. He has served his local community in a variety of capacities such as: President of the School Board, Mayor, Committee Chair of BSA Explorer Post 17, President of Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, and Master of the Masonic Lodge.

Elliott left politics to become an activist. Attending untold numbers of demonstrations, working at many levels, from stapling signs to, doing logistics and, organizing work for United For Peace and Justice, War Resisters League, School Of Americas Watch, Peace Has No Borders, Veterans For Peace and many other organizations, at events across the country.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 05/21/2013

Tuesday May 21 - 1-2:30PM EDT. our program will focus on “the scandals” and other topics related to the Obama Administration and the 8-year time-wasting, all out effort to ensure his failure. We will also launch our own critique of Obama, specifically his drone program – next week we will exclusively focus on this.

Our featured guest is LINN WASHINGTON. Linn is a columnist for The Philadelphia Tribune newspaper; a freelance journalist for THISCANTBEHAPPENING.NET and other publications nationwide. Linn writes extensively on matters involving the criminal justice system, racism and other topics. We will discuss a variety of issues ranging from a post-election look at race and gender to Obama judicial appointees and other topics. Linn is also an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Our music from folk, country, pop and rock singer Patty Griffin.