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Everything Is Broken playlist for 03/24/2015

Our program tuesday will again feature eclectic globetrotting as there is no shortage of vital events to choose from.

Our featured guest is Ron Garan. Ron is a former NASA astronaut who served aboard the space shuttle Discovery and the ISS in 2008, and having launched from Kazakhstan in a Russian rocket, acted as a long-term resident of the ISS in 2011. Today he is a global humanitarian and social entrepreneur working toward creating a more sustainable, peaceful planet.

Among other enterprises Garan started Manna Energy Foundation, a leading global innovator in water purification. He also speaks at conferences around the world, and has a new book “The Orbital Perspective: Lessons in Seeing the Big Picture from a Journey of 71 Million Miles” (Berrett-Koehler), which concentrates on current US-Russian relations.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 03/17/2015

Our St. Pat's program will again feature eclectic globetrotting as there is no shortage of vital events to choose from.

Our featured guest is Dave Lindorff, author and journalist. Dave is the founder of ThisCantBeHappening.net, a consortium of progressive bloggers. Dave always has a new story in the works, so we will hear about that and a few others Im sure. Dave’s full bio can be found at:

Everything Is Broken playlist for 03/10/2015

Our program will explore Women’s History Month in depth.

Our featured interview is with Molly Murphy Macgregor. Molly is Executive Director and Co-Founder of National Women’s History Project
Molly is a former high school social studies teacher who has worked for over 35 years in the field of gender equity and women’s history. MacGregor conducts women’s history workshops and women’s historic sites tours throughout the country. She also works with state and national agencies on strategies and programs to help acknowledge and recognize the historic contributions of women. Her work in the field of multicultural women’s history has been widely recognized including awards from the National Education Association, the US Department of Education, the National Association for Multicultural Education, and the Association for Gender Equity Leadership in Education Leadership.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 03/03/2015

Our program tomorrow TUESDAY; 1:00PM is part two of our look at the health and politics of waterways in New York State; this time Peconic Bay. We will also read from Tom Englehardt and listen to an interview with Gar Aperovitz.

Our featured interview is with Dan Gulizio and Brady Wilkins from Peconic Baykeeper, Inc. Dan is the Executive Director of Peconic Baykeeper. Baykeeper is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to swimmable, drinkable, fishable water. Dan has worked as a planner for over 25 years and has previously served as the Deputy Director of Planning for Suffolk County, Commissioner of Planning, Environment and Land Management for the Town of Brookhaven and Commissioner of Planning and Development for the Town of Islip. Brady is the Baykeeper for Peconic Baykeeper. He has been a licensed United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer since 1996 and has been living, working and recreating on the waters of Long Island since the 1980s. Brady is also a New York State Licensed Educator and has taught in several districts throughout Suffolk County.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 02/24/2015

Our program TOMORROW TUESDAY 2-24; 1:00PM will cover a variety of issues during Black History Month. We will also look at the Hudson River Valley: how is that beloved river doing, how healthy is it, what are the threats that must be faced? and what about the Indian Point nuke plant?

Our featured interview is with Paul Gallay. Paul and the Riverkeeper team work to protect the Hudson River and the drinking water supplies for nine million New Yorkers. An attorney and educator, Paul has dedicated himself to the environmental movement since 1987, when he left the private practice of law and went to work for the New York State Attorney General. In 1990, Paul began a ten-year stint at New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation, where he brought hundreds of corporate and government polluters to justice. Paul subsequently spent a decade in the land conservation movement before becoming Riverkeeper’s President in 2010. Paul is a graduate of Williams College and Columbia Law School and has held a number of teaching positions, including his current appointment with The Beacon Institute/Clarkson University. http://www.riverkeeper.org

Everything Is Broken playlist for 02/17/2015

Our program TUESDAY FEBRUARY 17; 1:00PM will cover a variety of issues during Black History Month. We will also take a close look at the threat of fundamentalism, regardless of which god or religion.

Our featured interview is with Rachel Ehrenfeld. Rachel is Founder and CEO of the New York-based American Center for Democracy and the Economic Warfare Institute. Dr. Ehrenfeld is an authority on economic warfare, including Weapons of Mass Effect (WME), lawfare, terror financing, disinformation, jihadist movements and corruption.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 02/03/2015

Our program tomorrow TUESDAY; 1:00PM will take a look at progressives’ “cafeteria” science choices – why does the left insist that vaccines are dangerous? We will also consult with an expert on sports law and review the sorry state of collegiate and professional athletics.

Our featured interview is with Holt Hackney, President of Hackney Publications, a leading publisher of sports law newsletters. Among their current titles are Sports Litigation Alert, Legal Issues in Collegiate Athletics, Legal Issues in High School Athletics, Professional Sports and the Law, Concussion Litigation Review, and the Journal of NCAA Compliance. Hackney has spent the better part of three decades writing about sports, business and the law. He began covering sports for weekly and daily newspapers in the state of Florida in the 1980s.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 01/27/2015

fill-in by novice DJ Cy-Tool

Everything Is Broken playlist for 01/06/2015

Our program TUESDAY JANUARY 6; 1:00PM EST will again feature eclectic globetrotting, from Cuba to the Philippines. We will take an in- depth look at art intersecting with politics. We will also catch up with research on the current cultural acceptance of torture here.

Our featured guest is Mark Rice. Mark is a Professor in the American Studies Department at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. He specializes in the history of photography, twentieth-century American culture, and transnational American Studies. Dr. Rice has been a contributor to Forbes magazine and to Newsweek International. He also maintains the internationally recognized blog, "Ranking America" http://rankingamerica.wordpress.com.

We will discuss Mark’s blog and his recent book, “Dean Worcester's Fantasy Islands: Photography, Film, and the Colonial Philippines”. http://tinyurl.com/myrbznw

Everything Is Broken playlist for 12/30/2014

Our program TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30; 1:00PM will be eclectic globetrotting, from Algeria to Cuba, from Ferguson to Staten Island, with topics ranging from racism to the militarization of our community police, to climate change. Plenty meat on these bones.

Our featured guest is Linn Washington. Linn is a columnist for The Philadelphia Tribune newspaper; a freelance journalist for THISCANTBEHAPPENING.NET and other publications nationwide. He has just returned from a trip to Algeria. Linn is also an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 12/23/2014

Our program TUESDAY DECEMBER 23; 1:00PM will focus on USA torture culture; some positive focus on the current era of Jim Crow; and a journey to the world of espionage as it intersects with filmmaking.

Our featured guest is John Hope Bryant. John currently serves on President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans, and is founder, chairman, and CEO of Operation HOPE, a nonprofit banker for the working poor. His newest bestseller is How the Poor Can Save Capitalism: Rebuilding the Path to the Middle Class (Berrett-Koehler, 2014).

AND … we will be chatting with Francis Hamit, author and playwright who spent 21 years in the Industrial Security business. Francis served in the U.S. Army Security Agency in Vietnam and Germany.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 12/15/2014

Our program tomorrow tuesday december 16; 1:00PM EST will focus on race relations and civil unrest. Are we at a tipping point?

Our featured guest is Dave Lindorff, author and journalist. Dave is the founder of ThisCantBeHappening.net, a consortium of bloggers that try to make sense of the madness of a failing democracy. Dave’s full bio can be found at:

Everything Is Broken playlist for 12/09/2014

Our program TUESDAY 12-9-; 1:00PM EST will focus on current protests nationally in our rapidly emerging police state; and our broken cities and how to fix them.

Our featured guest is Mindy Fullilove, MD. Mindy is a research psychiatrist at New York State Psychiatric Institute and a professor of clinical psychiatry and public health at Columbia University. She is a board certified psychiatrist, having received her training at New York Hospital-Westchester Division (1978-1981) and Montefiore Hospital (1981-1982). She has conducted research on AIDS and other epidemics of poor communities, with a special interest in the relationship between the collapse of communities and decline in health.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 12/02/2014

Our program TUESDAY 12-2-14; 1:00PM will focus on the psychology of politics, from guns to greed, from wars to crime.

Our featured guest is Ronald Goldman, Ph.D., a psychological researcher, speaker, and writer. Ron identifies generally unrecognized early experiences associated with personal, social, and political problems and offers specific principles that can contribute to preventing such problems.


Everything Is Broken playlist for 11/25/2014

Our program tomorrow, tuesday 11-25; 1-2:30PM will feature 2014 Green Party candidate for New York State Governor, Howie Hawkins. Howie secured 5% of the vote against Cuomo and others. Howie has been an organizer in movements for peace, justice, labor, and the environment since 1967. As the New York Green Party's candidate for Governor in 2010, he campaigned for progressive taxes and revenue sharing as the alternative to Andrew Cuomo's cuts to schools, cities, and public services. He received nearly 60,000 votes, which gave the Green Party a ballot line statewide for the next four years. A former Marine, Hawkins helped organize opposition to the Vietnam War.

Our music will be jazz oriented, so pay attention! */*

Everything Is Broken playlist for 11/11/2014

Tuesday, November 11; 1:00PM we will explore many issues ranging from capitalism's globalization to one-party rule (The Corporate Party). we will also go into the belly of the beast and listen to rightwingnuts call for an "American Jihad" against muslims. we will also chat with our Senior Florida Correspondent, Steven Wiehe, on a variety of topics. Join us!

Everything Is Broken playlist for 11/04/2014

Our program TUESDAY 11-4-14; 1:00PM EST will be classic WUSB “free form” radio!! No featured interview; listen call-ins; plenty to chew on. Join us!

Everything Is Broken playlist for 10/28/2014

Our program TUESDAY will center on “Iraq: The Sequel” … We will also take a look at the economics of our permanent war empire.

Our featured guest is Ivan Eland. Ivan is Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at The Independent Institute in Washington, DC. Eland is the author of Partitioning for Peace: An Exit Strategy for Iraq, Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty, The Empire Has No Clothes: U.S. Foreign Policy Exposed and Putting “Defense”_ Back into U.S. Defense Policy, as well as The Efficacy of Economic Sanctions as a Foreign Policy Tool. He is a contributor to numerous volumes and the author of 45 in-depth studies on national security issues.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 10/21/2014

Our program TUESDAY, 1:00PM will take a long hard look at the permanent war environment that the USA empire doggedly pursues.

Our featured guest is Cynthia Enloe. Cynthia is a Research Professor in the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her career has included Fulbright’s in Malaysia and Guyana and guest professorships in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

her full bio:

Cynthia Enloe
BA: Connecticut College
PhD: University of California, Berkeley
E-mail: cenloe@clarku.edu
Cynthia Enloe is Research Professor in the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Cynthia Enloe’s career has included Fulbrights in Malaysia and Guyana, guest professorships in Japan, Britain, Canada, and lectures in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Turkey and at universities around the U.S. Her writings have been translated into Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Icelandic and German. She has published in Ms. Magazine, and appeared on National Public Radio, Al Jazeera, C-Span and the BBC.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 10/14/2014

Our program TUESDAY will take a big leap into the Ebola issue. Time to face up to a very dire situation that could make all our wars for resources pale in comparison.

Our featured guest is Meryl Nass, MD. Meryl is an Internal Medicine physician who identified the first modern use of anthrax as a biological weapon, during the Rhodesian civil war in 1978-80. She researched the anthrax vaccine and found it contributed to Gulf War Syndrome and chronic illnesses in soldiers. She gave 7 Congressional testimonies on bioterrorism, anthrax and Gulf War Syndrome. Meryl also showed that there was no direct evidence that Bruce Ivins was the anthrax letters perpetrator. The FBI was not able to show scientifically that the anthrax letters spores were even derived from Ivins' anthrax supply. She has
subsequently worked on issues of vaccine safety and effectiveness.