Destinies - The voice of Science FictionTalkFriday 11:30pm-Saturday 12am
Interzone with Chris PhillipsMusicChris PhillipsSaturday 12-3am
A Few Words...TalkMonday 6-7am
A Woman's Perspective On PoliticsTalkMonday 1:30-3pm
Alpha Omega RadiomusicSaturday 10pm-Sunday 12am
Alternative RadioAlternative RadioKrissy Rubbles and Music DirectorTuesday 12-1pm and Friday 4-5am
An Eclectic MessFreeForm MusicKevin KThursday 6-9am
AnecdotesFolk, Experimental, AlternativeemsobelWednesday 9-11am
AstrologicaMusicSunday 12-3am
Battlezone RadioHip HopBattlezoneradio and Dj Digit-AlWednesday 12-3am
BeginningsMusicJoe VecchioSaturday 7-9am and Saturday 9-10am
Black n Blue Takeover musicWednesday 10pm-Thursday 12am
Blue Grass TimeBluegrassBuddy MerriamWednesday 6-8pm
Blues At DawnBluesGavinWednesday 7-9am
Blues WarehouseBluesMark KleinFriday 8-10am
Bob DuffyMusicrduffySaturday 9-10am and Saturday 10am-12pm
Bob Longman ShowFolk, singer-songwriter, gentle soul, black gospel,Sunday 1-3pm
Bustin' Out BlueBlues, News and Interviews.Joe VTuesday 10pm-Wednesday 12am
Cafe`AliEclecticAhmad AliWednesday 7-9am
Captain Phil's Planet!Music/TalkFriday 3-5pm
Captain Rockit's Time MachineMusic/TalkSaturday 6-8pm
Chicken and Waffles (and sometimes Pancakes)Music/TalkSaturday 3-6:30am
China BlueAsianChina BlueSunday 7-8pm
Clam RadioA little of this, a little of that...johntabaccoThursday 9-11am
Cool Downrock/popFriday 1-3pm
CounterspinTalkSaturday 6:30-7am
Country Pocket Country, American RootstrevchrThursday 1-3pm
Democracy Now!News and TalkWUSB DJMonday 5-6pm, Tuesday 5-6pm, Wednesday 5-6pm, Thursday 5-6pm and Friday 5-6pm
Down Home CountryCountry, Westernmlamont and WUSB DJSunday 12-1pm
DreamsvilleMusicemsobel and goldenrodSaturday 8-10pm
Election Connection 2016TalkFriday 5-6am
Every Parent's Worst NightmaremusicSunday 12-3am
Face the MusicmusicMr. Edison and WUSB DJWednesday 8-10pm
Fermented RadioFood and MusicLudwig LeopoldFriday 10am-12pm
Finn's RevolutionMusicFinnTuesday 7-9pm
Fishing With BillMusicBill KayThursday 6-9am
FreequenceFreeformhayz458Tuesday 3-5pm
Friday Night Free-FormFree FormArnieFriday 9-11:30pm
Global RhythmsMusicclaportaThursday 8-10pm
Hiphop OverdoseMusicFriday 3-4am
Homegrown Long IslandLocalbobaneroSaturday 10am-12pm
Hot WaxMusicWednesday 11am-1pm
Hypnosmoothie RadioLively music to wake up byHypnoSmoothieFriday 6-8am
If This Be TreasonTalksorochinFriday 1-3pm
Into The Fire with JoJoEclecticJoJoWednesday 4-7am
Jazz On The AirJazzMr. Edison, Donna and Jim LynchSunday 4-7pm
Jim DexterMusicJim DexterTuesday 6-8am
Last CallYour last call.Tuesday 9-10pm
Live and Unsupervized Music/TalkSaturday 10pm-Sunday 12am
Live from WUSBLive BroadcastFriday 9-11:30pm