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The Melting Pot playlist for 03/26/2011

Spring has sprung, but where is it?????? It snowed this week, and it was freezing on the way in...maybe some of the Melting Pot to chase away the chill!!

Ludwig Leopold playlist for 03/26/2011

Fill in for Ludwig Leapold

Whatever Floats Yer Boat playlist for 03/25/2011

It's Radiothon, baby! Support WUSB by pledging online at wusb.fm/pledge, or calling us in the studio. 631-632-6901.

Lunchtime playlist for 03/25/2011

It's Spingtime here at the Lunchtime Grill Room. Despite the cool temperature outside we're still serving a Female Centric meal during ther last few days of Women's History Month. Pull up a stool and belly up to the Bar for another wonderful Friday Brunch edition.

Skagasm playlist for 03/25/2011

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 03/25/2011

Radiothon edition - *thanks* to everyone that's made a pledge to support WUSB so far; non-commercial progressive radio!!

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1. CHAIN AND THE GANG - Music's Not For Everyone / I've Got Privilege /Not Good Enough / For Practical Purposes / Why Not
2. NOW - Making history is over / It's a sweet life living if you wanna live high / Love train
3. THE GOLDEN DOGS - As Long As You Like
4. TORO Y MOI - How I Know
5. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE - Above A Desert I've Never Seen / Light of the Light / Brilliant Blue Sea Between Us / Hold But Let Go
6. J MASCIS - Where Are You / Not Enough
7. KURT VILE - On Tour / Smoke Ring For My Halo / Puppet To the Man / In My Time
8. JONATHAN RICHMAN - If You Want To Leave Our Party Just Go / My Affected Accent
9. DUCKTAILS - Sprinter / Arcade Shift
10. LA SERA - You're Going To Cry / Hold / Sleeptalking
11. SECRET CITIES - Pebbles
12. BRAVE IRENE - Good Ideas / Tangled Line
13. IS IS - So Long / Pretty Girl
14. PARTS & LABOR - Pure Annihilation / Neverchanger / Bright White

Mix Tape playlist for 03/24/2011

Now. new and impgrooved!

Clam Radio playlist for 03/24/2011

I awoke out of a deep sleep only to realize I had 10 minutes to get to the radio station. So most of this show was done while I was still waking up. Somehow, my somewhat incoherent rambling raised $100.00 for the Radiothon - go figya.

The Bayou playlist for 03/24/2011

Radiothon Take II. Buddy Merriam in the House playin' some fine mandolin live. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees set featuring a fat set of Doctor John.

Blue Grass Time playlist for 03/23/2011

6-8 PM Bluegrass Music, Radiothon fund raising & special guests live in the studio-Free Grass Union

An Eclectic Mess playlist for 03/23/2011

This show I gave a really good young new band from Long Island thier radio debut and spoke with the drummer Andrew Frey jr . Guy Pablos is in the semi-finals for the Bamboozeled Break Festival April 2 at the Crazy Donkey on 110 in Farmingdale.