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Everything Is Broken playlist for 04/01/2014

Our program tuesday; 1:00PM EDT will explore the USA media, from the macro discussion of narrow consolidation of corporate control to micro grassroots efforts to educate and alert fellow citizens here on Long Island. Activists here and in communities nationwide are raising the alarm on this brushfire of promotion of consumer products and ideology masquerading as “news.” Information that citizens need is not only manipulated, but often deliberately blacked out.

Our featured activist guests are Janine Melillo and Nat Board of the Long Island Media Task Force. Janine has a long history of activism and is a professional video editor and producer. Her credits are long but include work at PBS, CNN, ABC, HBO and others. She is also an artist and native Canadian. Nat Board, a native Midwesterner is a graduate of our very own Stony Brook University. He taught high school English here on the island for 36 years!

Street FM playlist for 04/01/2014

The Best Thing On A Monday Night/Tuesday Morning

Wake and Bake playlist for 04/01/2014

Happy April Fool's Day!! Starting at 4AM with first set from the Infamous Stringdusters at the Bowery Ballroom 3/27, then into my special April Fool programming.

Jim Dexter playlist for 04/01/2014

Jim's Show for Tuesday April 1, 2014

Robot Radio playlist for 04/01/2014

The New South playlist for 03/31/2014

Emily Benson did the second two hours.

Oprah's Handbag playlist for 03/31/2014

Fillin in for DJ JD Say What's Radio/////keeping it real

Polka Express playlist for 03/31/2014

Extra Section Fillin for Zabby Womans perspective on politics 1:30-3:00 1330-1500 hrs.Lenny R

Trim Mix Party playlist for 03/31/2014

this week we counted down the top 15 underground boom bap joints of the week plus a super charged megamix(hidden treasures)plus a hot tyme machine segment

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 03/31/2014

Sub: Bob Longman (first hour)

Sunday Street playlist for 03/30/2014

Today's program featured a conversation with singer/songwriter Richard Shindell.

Jazz On The Air playlist for 03/30/2014

Ella & Louis smiling...still dancing cheek to cheek :)