Ludwig Leopold playlist for 07/14/2012

Hosted by Mr. Edison

Unsported Live playlist for 07/14/2012

A pre-emption for The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary. Miss ya ladies!

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 07/13/2012

Mark Klein's Fri.morning

Trim Mix Party playlist for 07/13/2012

this week we celebrated cutsupremes b-day plus a interview with mayhem lauren it was classic

Lunchtime playlist for 07/13/2012

guest presenter: Bob Longman

Mix Tape playlist for 07/12/2012

Clam Radio playlist for 07/12/2012

An abbreviated Ringo Starr 72nd birthday celebration and an hour of music featuring the many vocal styles of Nick DiMauro. Happy 50th Nicky!

High Technology Radio playlist for 07/12/2012


An Eclectic Mess playlist for 07/12/2012

The fillin for Bill my alternating partner version of An Eclectic Mess

Blues At Dawn playlist for 07/11/2012


Blue Grass Time playlist for 07/11/2012

2 hours of bluegrass, Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival coming up next week!

Skagasm playlist for 07/11/2012

I mean it really isn't ...buut you know...SWEET JAMZ REGARDLESS!!

All Ages Show playlist for 07/11/2012

Bobanero filling in tonight

The Outer Library playlist for 07/11/2012

New college music with your host Mike Gildersleeve every other wednesday from 10pm to 12mid

Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/10/2012

Our featured guest is Stephen Thomas, Professor, Health Services Administration and Director, Maryland Center for Health Equity, School of Public Health, Univ.of Maryland. We will discuss health disparity using African-American populations in the DC area for comparison to health status of other groups.
He has been kind enough to share these links with our listeners also:
Selected Publications from M-CHE Research Team
Health Policy Research
The Maryland Health Improvement and Disparities Reduction Act of 2012
AND ... Video Profiles - Join the Health Equity Movement -

And … our Senior Florida correspondent STEVEN WIEHE will check in from Florida to give us his take on current events.

For our music … Brit indie rockers Arctic Monkeys – from two of their latest CD’s.