Pre-Sunrise Mix Playlists

Pre-Sunrise Mix playlist for 03/31/2010

Hi WUSB Pre-Sunrise Music Mix listeners. A correction was made to this playlist. The number 4
track was posted as [Artist: Teav Clermont, Album: Audio My Angel, Track: Sand Mines]. That was corrected to [Artist: Audiose My Angel, Album: Kinetic Kinship, Track: Sandmines]. The 4/13/10 playlist was corrected also. Thanks for listening to WUSB 90.1 FM, and especially to the Pre-Sunrise Music Mix. Watch out the sandman might get you! GaryC

Pre-Sunrise Mix playlist for 01/20/2010

Hey W U S B listeners and especially you Pre-sunrise music mix listeners, here's my new email address that's just for you. send me your playlist and I'll try to play some of it, if not all of it. I'll give you a shout out on air to let you know I received your email. Send me an email even if you don't want to send a playlist. I'll still give you a shout out on air, just let me know, say gary c give me a shout out. Or if you want I'll make a shout out to someone else at your request. O.K. email me
Gary C

Pre-Sunrise Mix playlist for 01/06/2010

Happy 2010 WUSB listeners.

Pre-Sunrise Mix playlist for 12/23/2009

Hello and Happy Holidays WUSB listeners and especially you Pre-Sunrise Music Mix listeners. I just want to say thanks for listening throughout the year 2009. And also if you tuned into the most recent broadcast 12/23/09. I had planned to play christmas/holiday music for the entire broadcast, something similar to the broadcast I did in memory of Michael Jackson. For some reason I was getting a vibe that the early morning of december 23, was to soon for a saturation of christmas/holiday music. So as you probably know if you was listening I went off on one of my verbose chats. I just want to mention that most of the talk was just a substitute for the christmas/holiday music. But some of the issues were real like the problem with Pepboys and the collection agency. I think the public should know those issues. In order to recognize them if encountered. Some of the chat was very basic and was meant for you/the listener to draw your own conclusion. Some of the chat alluded to everyday topics in the media during the year and was only mentioned as parody to the eternalness of the christmas/holiday season.

Pre-Sunrise Mix playlist for 07/08/2009

Pre-Sunrise Music Mix Listeners, I was very much looking forward to Michael Jackson going on tour. I wanted to hear the style of his latest music. That was if he was going to sing any new music. He could have very easily just performed his old stuff. Neither happened as you know because of his sudden death. So I played only his music and music he performed with his family. For the July 8, 2009 program. The last 2 or 3 songs on the playlist might not be in the correct order.

Pre-Sunrise Mix playlist for 04/15/2009

Hello Pre-Sunrise music mix listeners. The music was short for this program because I was off the air for a few weeks due to the fact I had to start my first treatments for cancer. It also was the first time I signed off at 5:30 a.m. which is the new sign-off time. I hope I didn't bore you with the talk of my medical condition and medical field in general.