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Jim Dexter playlist for 03/08/2011

Jim's Show for Tuesday March 8th 2011
in the past few weeks a military expedition into the vast cave network of Afghanistan has uncovered a flying machine trapped in what sources call a "Time Well".
....and it's International Women's Day!

Jim Dexter playlist for 03/01/2011

Jim Dexter Show for March 1, 2011
A beautiful crescent moon is paired with our bright sister, Venus , in the sky this morning....not a weather balloon...or swamp gas...or birds...OR a UFO....it's Venus....I just didn't want you to be afraid due to misidentification....

Jim Dexter playlist for 02/22/2011

Jim Dexter Show for Tuesday February 22, 2011
"Malice toward none, charity for all." ~ Abraham Lincoln

Jim Dexter playlist for 02/15/2011

Jim's Show for Tuesday February 15th 2011 ~ “My barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon”
Chinese Proverb

Jim Dexter playlist for 02/08/2011

Jim's Show for Tuesday February 8, 2011
“If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another.”
Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama

Jim Dexter playlist for 02/01/2011

The Jim Dexter Show for February 1, 2011
Nothing is worth more than this day.
- Goethe

Jim Dexter playlist for 01/25/2011

Jim's Show for January 25th,2011...and...here's another reason to watch the State of the Union Address this evening...
Chinese National TV reporting impending UFO/ET disclosure by Obama government

...in case you needed a reason....

Jim Dexter playlist for 01/18/2011

Jim Dexter Show for Tuesday January 18, 2011

"Think of all the beauty left around you and be happy." ~ Anne Frank

Jim Dexter playlist for 01/11/2011

“If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another.”
Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama

Jim Dexter playlist for 01/04/2011

...wherein Jim begins his 30th year as a Huge Media Icon..............in his head......

Jim Dexter playlist for 12/28/2010

Last Show of 2010....post-storm snow show....

Jim Dexter playlist for 12/21/2010

Jim Dexter Show for Tuesday December 21, 2010
"If you find that not many of the things you asked for have come, and not perhaps quite so many as sometimes, remember that this Christmas all over the world there are a terrible number of poor and starving people."
— J.R.R. Tolkien (Letters From Father Christmas)

Jim Dexter playlist for 12/14/2010

Jim Dexter Show for Tuesday December 14th, 2010

" The truth is written all along the page....how old will I be before I come of age for you...I get up....I get down..."

Jim Dexter playlist for 12/07/2010

"Ah, but in these ugly times the true protest is beauty." ~ Phil Ochs

Jim Dexter playlist for 11/30/2010

Jim Dexter Show for Tuesday November 30, 2010
Andrew Fortier and his son, Cole visit today to talk about Andy's new record "Your Smile Convinced the World"...and we survived all kinds of construction sounds from below and other mayhem...but...THEY ARE FIXING THE DOOR!!

Jim Dexter playlist for 11/16/2010

Abbreviated Jim Dexter Show for November 16th 2010

Jim Dexter playlist for 11/09/2010

Jim's Show for Tuesday November 9, 2010
"...thou, Melkor, shalt see that no theme may be played that hath not its uttermost source in me, nor can any alter the music in my despite. For he that attempteth this shall prove but mine instrument in the devising of things more wonderful, which he himself hath not imagined."~ JRR Tolkien, The Silmarillion

Jim Dexter playlist for 10/26/2010

Jim's show for October 26,2010