Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 12/17/2010

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Captain Beefheartmy head is my only house unless it rainsthe spotlight kid/clear spot
your dj speaks
moonlight on vermonttrout mask replica
diddy wah diddythe legendary a&m sessions
her eyes are a blue million mileslive at my father's place
tropical hot dog nightthe dust blows forward
your dj speaks
safe as milk (take 12)mirror man sessions
zappa/beefheart/motherssam with the showing scalp flat topbongo fury
Captain Beefheartwe'll overdub it 13 times (excerpt)grow fins rarities (65-82)
lick my decals off, babydust blows forward
zappa on beefheart
making love to a vampire with a monkey on my kneedoc at the radar station
old fart at playgrow fins rarities (65-82)
flower poti may be hungry but i sure ain't weird
clear spotthe spotlight kid/clear spot
your dj speaks
korn ring fingergrow fins rarities (65-82)
suction prints (req by John Tobacco)Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
pachuco cadavertrout mask replica
happy love songUnconditionally Gauranteed
nowadays a woman's got to hit a manlive at my father's place
when i see mommy i feel like a mummyShiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
your dj speaks
frank zappawillie the pimphot rats
captain beefheartice cream for crowice cream for crow
yellow brick roadsafe as milk
there ain't no santa claus on the evenin' stagespotlight kid/clear spot
pompadour swampblue jeans and moonbeams
beatle bones 'n' smokin' stonesstrictly personal
ashtray heartdoc at the radar station
beefheart on letterman
moonlight on vermonti'm gonna do what I wanna do
your dj speaks
love lies (dedicated to Spiney Norman)shiny beast (bat chain puller )
Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheartorange claw hammer (1975 radio) (req by Kevin K)grow fins rarities (65-82)
zappa/beefheart/mothersman with the woman headbongo fury
owed t'alex (req by Kevin K)shiny beast (bat chain puller)
dachau blues (excerpt)trout mask replica
the smithsonian institute blues (or the big dig)lick my decals off, baby
moonchildthe legendary a&m sessions
your dj speaks
the floppy boot stompi'm going to do what i wanna do
Frank Zappa & Captain BeefheartCucamongaZappa Beefheart Radio Hour
Orange Claw Hammer
Debra Kadabra
Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy
Will You Drink My Water?
Pachuco Cadaver
I Was A Teenage Malt Shop
Status Back Baby
Ned The Mumbler
Toads Of The Short Forest
Speedfreak Boogie
Metal Man Has Won His Wings
Louisiana Blues
Studio Rehearsal
How Could I Be Such A Fool rehearsal
Boogie For Berkeley
Neon Meat Dream Of An Octafish
Muffin Man
Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart200 Years Old (extended)Radio Show
Frank Zappa & Captain BeefheartThe Torture Never StopsYCDTOSA 4
Frank ZappaThe Crab Grass BabyThing Fish
Frank ZappaPedro's DowryLather
Frank Zappa & SofaEat That ChristianThe Sound And The Fury
Frank ZappaJesus Thinks You're A JerkBroadway The Hard Way
The Mothers Of InventionWho Are The Brain PoliceFreak Out Faze dooh
The Mothers Of InventionCharles IvesYCDTOSA 5
Captain BeefheartThe BlimpTrout Mask Replica
The Mothers Of InventionDidja Get Any OnyaWeasels Ripped My Flesh
Frank ZappaNasal Retentive Calliople Music (1984 remix)Lumpy Money
Frank ZappaMaster RingoEverything Is Healing Nicely
Frank ZappaWhy Does It Hurt When I Pee?Joe's Garage
Frank ZappaTruck Driver DivorceThem Or Us
Frank ZappaGuitar Event5-8-73 Boston, MA
Frank ZappaCanarsieShut Up & Play Yer Guitar
Frank ZappaAfter Dinner SmokerTrance Fusion
Frank ZappaThe Central Scrutinizer/Joe's GarageJoe's Garage
Frank Zappa & Captain BeefheartTiger RoachThe Lost Episodes
Frank ZappaI'm Stealing The Towels/Dental Hygiene Dilemma/Does This Kind Of Life Look Interesting To You?200 Motels
Frank ZappaRide My Face To ChicagoYCDTOSA 3
The Mothers Of InventionFountain Of LoveGreasy Love Songs
The Mothers Of InventionElectric Aunt JemimaUncle Meat
Frank ZappaLet Me Take you To The BeachLather
Frank ZappaPurple Haze/Sunshine Of Your LoveThe Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
The Mothers Of InventionMy Guitar Wants To Kill Your MamaWeasels Ripped My Flesh
Frank ZappaThe Black PageYCDTOSA 5
Frank ZappaPeaches En RegaliaHot Rats
Frank ZappaG Spot TornadoJazz From Hell
Frank ZappaFlorentine Pogen/Andy/Inca Roads/Sofa #1The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
Captain BeefheartFallin' Ditch accapellaunknown

Captain Beefheart memorial show