On Air

Trim Mix Party playlist for 09/10/2010

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)LabelLink
Quest Tha Youngn feat. Reks, Termanologyto be nice#15*
el da sensei feat akrobatiklive noize#14*
Ruste Juxx and Endemic feat. Ill Bill (of Non-Phixion- La Coka Nostra), Sav Killz, Cyrus Malachirap assassins#13*duck downwww.wusb.fm
masta killathings just aint the same#12*nature soundswww.wusb.fm
EQ feat. Planet Asia, Block McCloud (of Brooklyn Academy), Reef The Lost Cauze:check the perspective#11*www.wusb.fm
maxx blazzethey call me maxx#10*
lewis Parker & John Robinson (aka Lil Sci of Scienz Of Life) feat. Stahhr, Cymarshall Law, 4ORCEtrains olanes automobiles#9*
shinobi stalinspiritual law#8*
the good peoplehow i represent#7*
black milkhow dare u#6*fat beatswww.wusb.fm
El Da Sensei (formerly of Artifacts) & The Returners feat. Rakaa Iriscience (of Dilated Peoples)knowledge be the key#5*
eq feat phi'm free#4*www.wusb.fm
M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron feat. Masta Aceyou dont know about it#3*ems productionswww.wusb.fm
cutsupreme feat big earthlost souls(wheres ya hope)#2 the trial*mad knights/mad props
Southpaw feat large professorhere we go#1*
killah preist feat copywritefire reignbonus*www.wusb.fm
MELATONE FEAT OXYGENmakin history remix
biz markiethis is somethin for the radio
eric b and rakimmicrophone feind
cutsupremeno justicethe trial*mad knights/mad props
krypt keepersfresh*vaporworldz
method manbring the pain
method man and red manhow high
method man/cypress hillhit em high
melatonemake it last*
cutsupreme feat melatone and sargonif i was to hit yathe trial*mad knights/mad props
boogie down productionssouth bronx
lord finneseisnt he somethin
intelligent hoodlumgrand groove
cutsupreme feat phoenix flamezget out the game remix*
trecherouse threeat the party
big daddy kanelean on me
steady bserious
run dmcsucker mc's
run dmcdown with the king
cut master dcbrooklyns in the house
cutsupreme feat dox boogieheat the block upthe trial*mad knights/mad props
divine soundsdo or die bedstye
public enemyshut em down

extended version of trim mix fillin in for nst than the official trim mix