Oprah's Handbag playlist for 12/25/2009

Times New Viking2/11 Don't Forget
Best CoastWhen I'm With You
Pink MountaintopsThe Gayest of Sunbeams
Soft PackAnswer To Yourself
Ponytail7 Souls
Truman PeyoteKartwheels
DucktailsWelcome Home I'm Back
White FangNobody Knows
Andrew CedermarkUntruth
GrowlersSwallowed Whole
Alex BleekerThese Days
Karate PartyPress Sure
Fluffy LumbersNight Moves
Real EstateSuburban Beverage
Plastic Crimewave SoundShockwave Rider
WillowzTwenty Five
Turbo FruitsNaked With You
RD MauzyHorny Apple Pie
Liam The YoungerPlease See
Wild YaksRiver May Come
Surfer BloodSwim
Los CampesinosThese Are Listed Buildings
EskalatorsDessert First
Dan MelchiorAmerican Alien
Capgun CoupGot A Lot of Gull
Sunn DaggerWater Moves Silent
Male BondingPumpkin
Total AbuseLook Back And Laugh
Minor ThreatSecrets
Double DaggerSurrealist Composition In Your Face
Screaming FemalesSour Grapes
Les Club Des ChatsRing-a-ding-minie
Les Club Des ChatsChat Loutre
Micachu and The ShapesTurn Me Well
Matias AguayoAy Ay Ay
Blak RocOn The Vista
J Davis TrioHind Sight Is Awesome
Titus AndronicusFour Score And Seven

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