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Horrorscope playlist for 12/09/2017

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
pink floyd + frank zappainterstellar overdrive live
john mausbombs awayscreen memories*
THEE SHATNERSdamn your fucking world!!
son of salamisalami songs*
demetri martinthe grapes song
black lipsshort fuse
weenbooze me up and get me high
Les Rallizes Denudesmizutani
borissometimes (my bloody valentine cover)
my bloody valentinecome in alone
weenfreedom of 76
weentouch my tooter
black lipsin my mind theres a dream*
weenkim smoltz
adult swimnoise album*
the cowmendrinkn*
Luke Robertsvirginia girl*
weensweet texas fire
weenpowder blue*
the cowmen*
dave cloud and the gospel
bardo pond*
pontiakignorance gets me high
perfect hair foreverpuker