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Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 10/04/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
PhoneboothScooter BluesThe Way To Live On*
Guckkasten비트리올 (Vitriol)Guckkasten*
Guckkasten가비알 (Kabial)Guckkasten*
김창완밴드 (Kim Chang Wan Band)길 (Gil) [Road]Bus*
99ANGERSick & Tired2*
99ANGERThe Answer2*
99ANGERCan I Have You Without Having2*
김사랑 (Kim Sarang)LoserBehind The Melody*
김사랑 (Kim Sarang)A+Behind The Melody*
김사랑 (Kim Sarang)취중괴담 (Chwijoonggwehdam) [Drunken Ghost]Behind The Melody*
Pony소란들 (Sorandeul) [Of Turbulence]Pony*
Monkey SoundTo Be Die...몽키사운드 (Monkey Sound)*

*Note* Correction on the names of two songs played on 9/20/09:

The two songs by Guckkasten are, in fact: 미로 (Miroh) and 거울 (Ku'ool)

Tonight's show features new rock/indie releases from Phonebooth, Guckkasten, 김창완밴드 (Kim Chang Wan Band), 99ANGER, 김사랑 (Kim Sarang), Pony and Monkey Sound