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Why Anything Radio playlist for 05/03/2009

the prodigyomen*
peacheslose you*
zack kounssomeone call the cops*
daameer stonehurt*
le chatmou (de mr hoffmann)hi-fi hoffmann*
the one mattbmrsinewaveman*
dj hellhellracer*
gipsy.czaven romale*
abouretuminfinite corridors*
ben stepnervii*
nolongerhumanend times*
gui borattoeggplant*
planet boelex and lisa's antennawalk ahead*
schallfaktorsuicide confession*
the hathaway family plotlove canal*
tracing arcsa pig & a cow*
wynardtagethe grey line (remixed by yendri)*
voodoo economicswhat if those heavy things...*
zeptosoundif i scream will you hate me?*
vicious alliancethis awful contagion*
jane's addictionchip away*
supreme courtaeuropa (leaether strip)*
dj vadimhidden treasure (dj vadim rerub)*
bear handswhat a drag (cale remix)*
qemists f/ mc iddrop audio*
pet shop boysthe way it used to be*
revolution 9radio (battery fiver mix)*
ursula 1000zombies*
anavantake it back*
fischerspoonerwe are electric*
jopybackyard barbecue 1*
heimataerdeunter der linden (club version)*
man is doomedelectrons in the air*
mochipetturbo thizz petnation*
dark room noteselm*

dj ev fill-in