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Oprah's Handbag playlist for 06/05/2015

Buildings BreedingThe Flood (Demo)
Two ShedsI Am My Own
So Many WizardsNight Chills
RosesI See It All
The SpiresLive at The Ghost Park
The CannanesMolecule
Coffin ShipsHillary is an Animol
Shilpa RayNocturnal Emissions
ONWEUnpaid Internship
Mikal CroninChange
MalateseSoon Comes
The GoriesNitroglycerine
The FutureheadsSkip to the End
Endless BummerRunaround
Charlie MegiraTomorrow's Gone
KetaminesYou Can't Serve Two Masters
FrothTurn it Off
Jay ReatardBlood Visions
HookwormsOn Returning
PampersRight Tonight
Big TroublesMisery
PileMr. Fish
Black PusHeebee Geebees
Gino and the GoonsI Like it Like That

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