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Oprah's Handbag playlist for 05/30/2014

Deep CutsSlow Descent
Dr. Jones and the ShinersJoe
Low LeafBahay Kubo
Bikini KillFeels Blind
Tashaki MiyakiDreaming my Dreams (Waylon Jennings)
WODWhat a Drag
TwinsmithBig Deal
TwinsmithThe Thrill
Drunk MumsRubbing your gums
Kitchen HipsRain in the Morning
Rites WildThieves
RepairsExecution Day
La FemmeHypsoline
The Gooch PalmsA Sun, A Moon
Colonel Creep and the BoogeymenKeepers of the Secret
Galaxie DeluxeHemlock
Franco YearsSpooky Motorcycle
K. VonCarneDog Day Gone

bbq party (in azerbaijan) (later tonight) (or tomorrow) (rando demo around 3:20)