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Oprah's Handbag playlist for 01/17/2014

hunx and his punxKeep Away From Johnny
Cherry GlazerrHaxel Princess
Xmal DeutschlandIncubus Succubus
Mint ChicksWelcome to Nowhere
Tashaki MiyakiHappiness
Cherry GlazerrAll My Friends
Mint ChicksSleeping During the Day
Personal and the PizzasPepperoni Eyes
Fujiya MiyagiCollarbone
Boss the Big BitThe Octopus is Gonna Get you, Dad
hunx and his punxHe's Coming Back
cheap timekill the light
shannon and the clamsrip van winkle
thee oh seesmaze francier
Jack of HeartOscar Wilde
PenetratorsShopping Bag
Spray PaintI Need A Bag
Personal & the PizzasI Can Reed
La FemmeHypsoline
First BaseI'm A Stranger
New CokeDuct Tape Your Mouth
La FemmeAmour dans le motu
AngieStars and dust
Scott and Charlene's WeddingI Wanna Die
Bestia BebeSagitario A
Lus Rusos Hijos de PutaNubarron
El Mato a un Policia MotorizadoNuevos Discos
Mi Amigo InvencibleLos Pajaros
El Mato a un Policia MotorizadoMujeres Bellas y Fuertes
Los Rusos Hijos de PutaCastaneda