Oprah's Handbag playlist for 07/12/2013

Pere UbuFinal Solution
Traditional FoolsParty At My House
Bubbly mommy GunFluid Dances
Shannon And The ClamsOozma
Grave BabiesOver And Under Ground
Shiny DarklyDiana
Black BugSlay Them
Terry MaltsI Was Not There
WeekendIt's Alright
Joy DivisionDisorder
Bad BrainsI Against I
Slave Of JoyYou Make Me Shy
Flaming LipsTry To Explain
YellowbirdsYoung Men Of Promise
Animal CollectiveTurn Into Something
James Chance and The ContortionsDish It Out
Eco and the BunnymenHeads Will Roll
Eco and the BunnymenPorcupine
White FenceNew Edinburgh
Apples In StereoWinter Must Be Cold
BarbarasTopsy Turvy Magic
PavementIn The mouth Of a Desert
The CleanLoog
PavementStop Breathing
Dead MilkmenSilly Dreams
Davilla 666No Cres Que Ya Casa
Violent FemmesProve My Love
DevoUncontrollable Urge
Dirty BeachesStye Eye
Ice AgeBrokenbone
Jesus and Mary ChainIts So Hard
KinksWaterloo Sunset