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Oprah's Handbag playlist for 01/11/2013

Ex-CultKnives on Both Sides
San CiscoAwkward
BarbarasDay at the Shrine
Cousin BrianTired
Talk NormalLone General
Cat PowerCherokee
Lost Boy ?About the Future
TurbofruitsWhere the Stars Don't Shine
SpyralsLonely Eyes
SluteverRIP Maple
SubsonicsBus 16
Scott and Charlene's WeddingBorn to Lose
Ty SegallInside Your Heart
Cheap TimeOther Stories
The Oh SeesWax Face
Acid Baby JesusTomboy
Paint FumesSchool Days
BazookaHaunted House
Guantanamo BaywatchBoomerenga
Cousin BrianComfortably Bummed
HunxPrivate Room
PsychedRubber Gloves
White FenceSara Snow
Sultan BatheryMud
Fergus & GeronimoRoman Tick
HellshovelWhoever brought me here will have to take me home
Xray EyeballsEgyptian Magician
Gay AnniversaryCop City
New CokeHe Got Stabbed in the Throat
Andrew CedermarkMoon Deluxe
HussyWrong Right
Total SlackerPsychic Mesa
PenetratorsShopping Bag
Parquet CourtsHer Boyfriend's Band
Komodina 3Alli Optiki Gonia