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The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 06/26/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Joey Napote w/the HB Barnum OrchestraDocktor Doctor Doctor7"Blue Ribbon
FairviewsTwionkle Lee7"Spin It
CrestonesShe’s A Bad Motorcycle7"Markie
Rusti Steel & the Star-TonesCafé A-La RockCafé A-La RockWestern Star
Bloodshot BillSpace DateThe Out Of This World Sounds Of…Squoodge
Star ShootersI Wanna Go7"El Toro
Enchanters 4Like Tuff7"Den Ric
Bob Vaught & the RenegadesChurch Key Twist7"Bamboo
Warner BrothersDo The Hog7"Everest
Don Barber & the DukesCan You Waddle7"Thunderbird
SpartansCan You Waddle?7"Web
ScavengersZip CodeBug OutCandy
Horny Wackers & the Epileptic ReactionMother’s NeighborThey Are SavageDead Beat
SlingshotsI Started Thinkin’MisfitsRaucous
B-StarsStill Waiting7"Rust Belt
Dave & Deke ComboWarm Lips (Big Trouble)Moonshine MelodiesGoofin'
Johnny Sharp & the Yellow JacketsBombie7"Yellow Jacket
Bo DiddleyRun Diddley DaddyBo Diddley Is Loose'Checker'
Rock-A-BoutsShe's A Fat Girl7"Chancellor
Screamin’ Jay HawkinsJust Don't Care7"Enrica
Whitey WhiteHillbilly Surfer7"Big Al
Los MaraudersWicked Beat7"Teen Beat
Rudy MedinaBaby Baby Baby7"Dino
Pit MenSurf Bored7"Pit
Nice FaceRoll OverHorizon FiresHozac
Gay AnniversaryLepta 2s/tSlovenly
Hard-OnsDancing GirlsSmell My FingerWaterfront
Midnite SnaxxxTurn Off The Radios/tRed Lounge
Useless EatersStarvation Blues #27"Tic Tac Totally
PorcharitasPillow Fight7"Vertical House
Nipple ErrectorsSo Pissed OffBops, Booze, Babes And BovversBig Beat
Baddat For TrubbelHarda UtVardighetPunks Only
MakersTurn It OnAll Night Riot!Estrus
M.O.T.O.CatamaranNo Way StreetSvart
AversionsBlack Alibi7"Die In Style
Nervous TicsAnother Dimension7"Meaty Beaty
White WiresAll Night LongWWIIIDirtnap
DragsExplosivesStop Rock And RollEstrus
BagsChainsawAll Bagged UpArtifix
Psycho-SurgeonsWild Weekend7"Wallaby Beat
ZerosDon’t Push Me Around7"Bomp!
Overnight LowsLeichte Maschen Haben Mehr Action7"Red Lounge
HeardStop It Baby7"Audition
Heavy CreamBad GenesSuper TreatmentInfinity Cat
Rock And Roll BitchesSomeone Could Lose An Eye7"Rich Young
AmeobasPerverts And Ratss/tGimme Gimme
TranziztorsNervous Heart7"Hypnotic Toys
Primitive HeartsToo Toughdemono label
Angry SamoansSteak KnifeBack From SamoaBad Trip
FadeawaysWild OneRaw, Wild And WretchedDead Beat
SpitsSamstag NachtErste Deutsche Original Aufnahme!Red Lounge
Wire12XUPink FlagHarvest
Johnny ThrottleSick Of Myself7"Crypt
Guantanamo BaywatchSad Over YouChest CrawlDirtnap
Paper BagsMommi I’m A Misfit7"Rapid Pulse
Splash FourTrop PeurKicks In StlyeEstrus
Black TimeWhite Heat ReturnedBlackoutConcrete Life
Three Two OnesFake And A Frauf7"321
The Cry!Such A BoreIntroducing: The Cry!SP
Peach Kelli PopKnockouts/tGoing Ga Ga
Shirley Maclaines(Not A) Love Song7"Bachelor
Atomic SuplexRock And Roll MachineBathroom PartyCrypt
New Bomb Turks:Tail CrushDestroy Oh Boy!Crypt
CopsYou Can’t Stop The Fun7"Rob's House
C.J. & the CasualsZombie7"Norton
Radio ReelersTeenage Heart Attack7"Meaty Beaty/No Front Teeth
HeartattacksJag Ska Aldrig Do7"Ken Rock
White LoadBarbara Fuck YouWayne’s World 3/Godfater 4Load
IllsNominate You To Diedemono label
Sore SubjectsObscene Calls7"Surfin'Ki
Car Bomb DriverI Just Wanna Be A Ramone7"Hardline
RamonesI Can’t Give You AnythingRocket To RussiaSire
Joey Ramone21st Century Girl….Ya Know?BMG
NobunnyI See Swastikas7"Goner
Dream DatesMoans On The Phone7"Ugly Pop
Black & WhiteMortal Sin7"Episode Sounds
Wax MuseumsLive In An Eye BallZoo Full Of RamonesTic Tac Totally

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