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Skagasm playlist for 05/11/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
The AggrolitesCountryman FiddleThe Aggrolites
Across the aisleBetter offAcross the aisle
AFIWesterthe Art of Drowning
The Arrogant sons of BitchesRadio SingleRadio single EP
Balkan Beat BoxIntro(Taste of Where I'm From)Give*
Catch 22Walking awayKeasby Nights
Chase Long BeachThat's No Moon It's a Space StationGravity is What You Make it
Eli 'Paperboy" Reed and the True LovesI'll Roll with youStake Your Claim
Eli 'Paperboy" Reed and the True LovesShe WalksStake Your Claim
Forces of EvilDance the Night AwayFriend or Foe?
Endangered FecesWhite CastleAss for it by Name
Fighting GravityLand of SkaShishSkaBob
KofreNuevo SkaPor el Hueco
KofreLeniPor el Hueco
Royal City RiotMyrtle AvenueCoast to Coast
The Mighty Mighty BosstonesWhere'd You go?The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
AllisterSomewhere Down on FullertonWarped Tour 2003
The Mighty Mighty BosstonesRascal KingThe Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Balkan Beat BoxLook Like Yougive*
Bandits of The Acoustic RevolutionHere's to LifeA Call to Arms EP
Balkan Beat BoxDancing With the MoonBBB
Bandits of The Acoustic Revolutionthey provide the paint for the picture perfect masterpiece they will paint on the inside of your eyelidsA Call To Arms EP
Chase Long BeachSwing in CGravity is What you Make it
The CrusherChinese BuffetDeliver us From Emo
The Aquabats!Red SweaterThe Aquabats!
BanduluSka, Reggae, SoulSka, Reggae, Soul
Save FerrisSpamIt Means Everything
Forces of EvilFightFriend or Foe?
The Aquabats!Super RadThe Aquabats!
the Aquabats!Fashion Zombies!Charge!

So much Ska, for so many years, maybe this is the last show? MAYBE NOT! WHO KNOWWSS!!! All I do know is that this has been one hell of a good time, thanks for listening! I mean me and my buddy will be doing another show called Swedish Salmon Paste, You should check it out. It's pretty classy. If anything I might trust be on as a filler show *shrug*

Regardless, Stay rude and Stay classy ;)