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Whatever Floats Yer Boat playlist for 09/12/2008

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Billy & Terry SmithRippleLong Live The Dead
Robert WindponyThe Wind SpeaksWings of Change*
Amy RayBirds of a FeatherDidn't It Feel Kinder*
Dan Chambers & GoatHighwaterZebulon*
Joseph EmoryMission in the RainFennario*
Johnny CashFive Feet High & RisingThe Great Lost Performances*
WaterNinth Ward LimpDialysis*
Kasey Chambers & Shane NicolsonJackson HoleRattlin Bones*
Count De MoneyBig RiverJohnny Cash Remixed*
Lipbone ReddingVoodoo CadillacParty on the Fire Escape*
Gene Casey & The Lone SharksIt Should RainWhat Happens*
Sonny LandrethStorm of WorryFrom The Ranch*
Sloan WainwrightEvery Grai nof SandRediscovery*
Sonic UndergroundShibuya StationLucky 13*
Ben WeaverThe History of WeatherThe Ax In The Oak*
Chemical BrosSetting SunBrotherhood*
The Cute lepersIt's Summertime, BabyCan't Stand Modern Music*
Sleater-KinneyThe FoxThe Woods
RatatatBird PriestLP3*
Lack ThereofChest PassYour Anchor*
Omega Bueme Okellosingle*

Music and musings of the amazing bodies of water surrounding our beautiful Island of Long.