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The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 03/27/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Chris IssakMiss PearlBehind The SunVanguard
Ronnie Hayward TrioWaitin' BluesMove AroundFury
Bloodshot BillShe's My BabyGet High TonightTransistor 66
Sugar King BoysDrinkin' Pop So-Dee-O-DeeTopsy TurvyWormtone
George JonesRoot Beer7"United Artists
Angie & the CitationsI Wanna Dance7"Angela
Jimmy PettersonOne Buffalo (You Mean A Nickel)7"Federal
Del KnightsWrapped To Tight7"Chancellor
Tommy Frederick & the Hi-NotesWhere'd Ja Go7"Coral
King CurtisThe Arthur Murry Twist7"RCA Victor
Jack Gale & the Medicine MenThe Medicine7"Columbia
Ernest TuckerWhat's The Matter Claudy7"Jubilee
Paul PerrymanJust For Your Call7"Duke
HunxLet Me InHairdresser BluesHardly Art
AmbulanceI Remember7"Urgent
Secrets*Radio HeartIt's All PopNumero
Gentleman JesseRooting For The UnderdogLeaving AtlantaDouchemaster
Larry WiliansSlow Down alt versionAt His FinestAce
A-BonesBad Boy7"Demolition Derby
John Wesley ColemanShe's Like DraculaThe Last Donkey ShowGoner
GuidaComing Back To YouRacey RollerDead Beat
Tough ShitsSecurity Blankets/tBurger
RockbottomStarfighterRevengeTarget Earth
White LoadNote Note Note NoteWayne's World 3/Godfather 4Load
Midnight Snaxxx80 In 40demono label
Baddat For TrubbelBorjar Bli Vandemono label
HunxDo You Remember Being A RollerHairdresser BluesHardly Art
Heavy CreamWatusiDannyInfinity Cat
Disco LepersI'm CarogenicClub Saracoma 18-30Pure Punk
Dream DatesSurfer Joe7"Ugly Pop
LimitModern Girls/tCheap Rewards
PagansDead End AmericaPink Album... Plus!Crypt
Sex CultPlain Jane7"Nashville's Dead
CobrateensBuzzkilldemono label
Fag CopNailed To The CrossWhimpers From The PantheonRank Toy
CormansCumon' And Goin'7"In The Red
White FacesI'm Your Creeps/tWindian
PigsPsychopath1977Bristol Archives
Tutu & the PiratesWham Bam Son Of SamSub Urban Insult Rock For The Anti/LectualFactory 25
RetrosYes BoyInner City RockersBDR
Dead FarmersRunGo HomeRIP Society
Atomic SuplexI'm OnBathroom PartyCrypt
Crash Kills FiveWhat Do You Do At Night?7"Ugly Pop
Personal & the PizzasBored Out Of My Brains7"Oops Baby
Virgin Splitstrack 1demono label
Moralens VaktareSticka Fran Stans/tDead Beat
SpitsRat FaceSpits IIISlovenly
feedtimeShovelToday Is The DaySS
Useless EatersThe Moves7"Jolly Dream
ConsumersMedia OgreAll My Friends Are DeadIn The Red
ReplacementsI'm In TroubleSorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The TrashTwin Tone
TherapistsBrain ScabsHate SweatsJohnny Cat
Angel SlutsLove7"Chickpea
Flying TrichecosRecidivists/tMastermind
Folded ShirtTiny Boat7"Fashionable Idiots
Broken HeartsTuesday Evening GirlWant OneScarlett
ReducersMaximum DepressionLet's GoRave On
Flip-TopsLock Me Up...Are Still A BandBachelor
IrritonesWhite WIresPenis RomantiqueP.Trash
IllsDelete U!demono label
Little QueenieStagdemono label
Red MassTelevision Personalities7"Mammoth Cave
MaxinesWhite Out7"La Ti Da
HussySFBWeed SeizureTic Tac Totally
Chinese BurnsCalculator7"Windian
Paint FumesPanic Attack7"Slovenly

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