The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 02/21/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Fabulous WailersDirty Robber7"Golden Crest
SonicsBlow OutBattle Of Rat Fink HillNorton
Fading TribesmenMore Feathers7"Indian
CardinalsHatchet Face7"Cha Cha
Derry WeaverItty Bitty BettyNasty RockabillyB Sharp
VelairesLotta Lovin'Rock Out Of This WorldBop A Rama
Puddle JumpersQuiet Dad7"Federal
Jackie Dallas & the TiarasBullmoose7"Alliance
Rhythm Surfers5027"Daytone
Gene Vincent & his Blue CapsI Got A Baby7"Capitol
Johnny BellThe Third Degree7"Brunswick
Flatfoot ShakersStutterin' Sues/tPreston
ChampsThe Shoddy ShoddyGreat Dance HitsChallenge
Four SparksKim7"Cathay
Sex CultI'm A Bug7"Nashville's Dead
ShrillsRedheadGhoul KidsRessurection
Little QueenieI65demono label
Rank/XeroxDisciplines/tMake A Mess
Chinese BurnsKiss Fist7"Windian
IllsDelete U!demono label
Nazi Death CampMongoloid Rock7"Red Lounge
Loli & the ChonesStraitjacket Baby7"Rip Off
Zodiac KillersGenetic MutationSociety's OffendersRip Off
VicarsDon't Wanna Be Free7"Dirty Water
Useless EatersReceiver (Drop The Bomb)C'est Bon!Southpaw
Charles AlbrightThings Have Changed7"Bachelor
Los VigilantiesSolo Pido Amors/tSlovenly
SyndicateMy Baby's Barefoot7"Dore
Spaceshits60 Nights Of Boredom7"Sultan
No Tomorrow BoysTeenage Vicedemono label
Titan BloodI'm A Goon7"Titan Blood
Woollen KitsOut Of Whacks/tRIP Society
Personal & the Pizzas7.99 For LoveRaw Pie1234 Go!
ConsumersYour ProblemAll My Friends Are DeadIn The Red
Angel SlutsLove7"Chickpea
VenerealsIt's Uselessdemono label
RiotsOut Of Control7"Time For Action
RetrosAll Talk, No ActionInner City RockersBDR
Liquor StoreCommandoYeah BuddyAlmost Ready
Atomic SuplexRock And Roll ActionBathroom PartyCrypt
Wax MuseumsCathode Love7"Rehab
Chosen FewThe Joke's On Us7"no label
VibratorsYeah Yeah YeahPure ManiaColumbia
LemonheadsBeltHate Your FriendsTaang!
ShitbirdsI Want You7"Popllama
Ty SegallShoot Me In The HeadSingles 2007-2010Goner
HussyOn The Cover7"Bachelor
IrritonesComputer StaatPenis RomantiqueP.Trash
ReactionsNights On EndSaturday's Gone WildCheap Rewards
Actual WaterShe's A Priest7"Plastic Idol
Bad SportsRed Overlay7"Total BS
Incredible Kidda BandGot To Keep The Noise Turned DownToo Much, Too Little, Too LateRed Lounge
Dream DatesThe Mess You're In7"Ugly Pop
SpitsI'm ScumSpits VIn The Red
Action SwingersYou Only Know My NameThe Complete Toe Rag SessionsCheap Date
MakersCool, Clean And SheenHowl!Estrus
TranzmitorsSome Girls Do7"La Ti Da
About BlanksI Don't Wanna Be A Homosapien12 Boring BlastsP.Trash
GaggersGimme No Love7"Bat Shit
Tee PeesYou're A Turd7"Bachelor
SuperchargerLost Causes/tRadio X
PantherWoo Haa7"Twist Like This
Dry GinsShe's A Drag7"Montell Mitchell
Travel AgencyJailbait7"Zordan
Children Of DarknessSugar Shack A Go Go7"Royce
PizzasRock And Rol Radio7"Sacramento

got to keep the noise turned down.