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The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 02/07/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Shaun Horton & the Tennessee TrioHave Myself A TimeNothin' But RightRaucous
Ike Perry & the LyricsAt The Party7"Naurlene
VarnellsDay In Court7"Arnold
Meep Meep & the Road RunnersJustine7"Boomerang
Raunch HandsUpset HerLearn To Do The Whap-A-Dang!Relativity
Loveless CousinsDon't Make Me WaitNo Squares Ever Tag AlongEl Beasto
Jerry DixieTeenage SweetieOriginalsSavas
Phil & the CatalinasBobby Layne7"Olimpic
ShookupsShook Up7"Twinkletone
Yuichi & the Hilltone BoysOoby Doobys/tEl Toro
Five ShadesSherlock Jones7"MGM
Little Sammy JonesDoing The Roach7"Lifetime
Young JessieOochie Coochie7"Modern
Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite TrioOne Sided LoveOn The GoNo Hit
Wayne CochranMonkey Monkey7"Deck
Don & DeweyA Little Love7"Specialty
Hot Dozzer TrioShadow My Baby12 Dirty Tunesno label
Ding DongsLucky Day7"Sultan
Little David DunnMy Gal Rockhead7"Twist
Slim Slip & the SlidersKeep Me Satisfied7"Rollin'
ShootersTuff Enuff7"Trans World
Waylon Thornton & the Heavy HandsVulture Funk7"Perpetrator
Tee PeesDo The Smog7"Bachelor
Jackie & the CedricsScalping Party7"Norton
OnionsAlien Astronaut7"Certified PR
PizzasWe Don't Have To Do Anything Anymore7"Sacramento
VomToo Animalistic7"White Noise/Rerun
Useless EatersAt The ParketteC'est Bon!Southpaw
Figures Of LightA+Drop DeadNorton
IllusionsThe Outcast7"Audio Unlimited
EquadorsSputnik Dance7"RCA Victor
MaxinesQueer Mods7"La Ti Da
RetrosHigh-Energy LoveInner City RockersBDR
Chinese BurnsSteal Your Prayers7"Windian
Fix-ItSelf DestructionWho's The PigP.Trash
Astryd Lindgren's Great 5Srpingtime In Tokyo7"Sweken
TeenangerBank AccountFrightsTelephone Explosion
RawsSana Birseyler Olmos7"Perpetrator
BoysI Call Your Names/tNems
Dream DatesMoans On The Phone7"Ugly Pop
Neighborhood BratsFTW 2010s/tModern Action
Mikal CroninYou Gotta Have Someone7"Goner
IrritonesPositve GermPenis RomantiqueP.Trash
Electric DeadsOrder7"Electro Static
Atomic SuplexI'm OnBathroom PartyCrypt
CruddySlow News DayNegative World12XU
Black TimeFever (version)7"Trak Marx
IntellectualsThe Joke Is On The SunIn The Middle Of DarkwhereJeet Kune
StitchesNowhereDo The Jet SetVinyl Dog
Loose GripWipe The Slate7"Bedroom Suck
Swell MapsSpitfire ParadeA Trip To MarinevilleRough Trade
Woollen KitsWatch You Walks/tRIP Society
Matt K. ShruggBad Tripper7"Tic Tac Totally
Red BaronsShould Have Shot You DownTour Of Dutyno label
DialsShe's My Girl7"Dialogue
Incredible Kidda BandCan I Take The Car TonightToo Much, Too Little, Too LateRed Lounge
Angry SamoansRight Side Of My MindInside My BrainBad Trip
Total ControlStonehengeHenge BeatIron Lung
BatsBats L.U.V.7"Swamp Fiction
Jungle FeverKiss7"Windian
CyclopsI Have One Eye7"Johnny Cat
Really Loud HamburgersSaturday Night7"Florida's Dying
Suicide CommandosSemi-SmartMake A RecordBlank
ReplacementsTake Me Down To The HospitalHootenannyTwin Tone
FlakesTalk About You7"Dollar
GG Allin & the JabbersUnpredictableAlways Was, Is And Always Shall BeOrange
QueersGoodbye CaliforniaGrow UpLookout
BabeezDowannalove7"no label
Talk Sick BratsLate Night Bad Boy7"Bat Shit
TherapistsI Need It7"Johnny Cat
About BlanksKill Your Boyfriend12 Boring BlastsP.Trash
Moralens VaktareRaka Ror7"Ken Rock
Sore SubjectsGimme A Dee Dee7"Sore Sunjects
RamonesTime BombSubteranean JungleSire
StaticsGet Right With MePunk Rock And RollRip Off
SaintsNo TimeI'm StrandedSire
Titan BloodCan't Stand You7"Titan Blood

right side of my mind is degeneration, baby.