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Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 11/03/2011

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battle of the bands: Big Troubles vs. The Head

Tracks featured...

BIG TROUBLES - Misery, BIG TROUBLES - Sad Girls, BIG TROUBLES - Minor Keys, BIG TROUBLES - Time Bomb, BODY LANGUAGE - We Got Enough, CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH - Ketamine and Ecstasy, EMOT - Ancients, FLEET WALKER - People Get the Fever, HOLIDAY SHORES - Airglow, HOLLOW - By Your Side, JAYHAWKS - High Water Blues, LONEY DEAR - LONEY BLUES, M83 - Ok Pal, MEGAFAUN - Get Right, MILD MANNERED - Satisfaction, NEON INDIAN - Blindside Kiss, REAL ESTATE - Younger Than Yesterday, SOFT METALS - Always, SOUNDPOOL - Mirrors In Your Eyes (Strategy), THE HEAD - Top Of The World, THE HEAD - Sneeze, THE HEAD - Only One, THE HEAD - Fine With It, TWIN SISTER - Eastern Green, VERONICA FALLS - Right Side Of My Brain, WILCO - One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend), XENO & OAKLANDER - Autumn's Edge