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Pop of the Tops playlist for 07/29/2008

The big beat in popular music today.

Finn's Revolution playlist for 07/29/2008

Thanks Linda, Steve, Paul & Harry for the calls, and congrats to Linda who will be seeing Taxi Driver & Pulp Fiction this Saturday night at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, check it: www.cinemaartscentre.org

Jazz On The Air playlist for 07/27/2008

Hosted by Mr. Edison
We noted three passings from the jazz world. Two guitarists, Joe Beck (52) and Hiram Bullock (62) passed on as did legendary bop tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin. Some new finds from the trading network rounded out this edition of Jazz On The Air.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 07/27/2008


Bob Duffy playlist for 07/26/2008

Filling in this week is Joe C and The Melting Pot. Special guest Geoff Blythe of Black 47 and The Bureau is due up at 8, so enjoy some great music with your Saturday cup of coffee!!!

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 07/25/2008

The Wee Wee Hours of the Morning Show

I plays the music whether they're listenin' or not...


Free Music Show playlist for 07/23/2008

Free Grass Union Live in the studio for most of the show


Odd Hours with Chunky Gomez playlist for 07/22/2008

Congrats to Sean who won tix to see THE MIST & THE FOG @ The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington this Saturday night, check it: www.cinemaartscentre.org ; and to Elena, who will be enjoying a copy of Captain Beefheart's DOC AT THE RADAR STATION courtesy of WUSB! Thanks to John, Mike & Nick for the calls, too!

Finn's Revolution playlist for 07/22/2008

Congrats to Jose, Todd, Diana & Kelly who all won tix to see films at the Stony Brook Film Festival this week! check it: www.stonybrookfilmfestival.com and to Brian who will be checking The Brian Jonestown Massacre at Terminal 5 on Friday www.terminal5nyc.com Thanks to all listeners & callers!!

Jazz On The Air playlist for 07/20/2008

Mr. Edison hosting for Marc Greene

Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 07/20/2008

Sing along to my new favorite song: 부활 (Boohwal) - Never Ending Story

Lyrics (Korean + Romanization)

손 닿을 수 없는 저기 어딘가
Son daheul soo ubneun chugi uhdinga
오늘도 넌 숨쉬고 있지만,
Oneuldo nun soomshwigo itjiman,
너와 머물던 작은 의자위엔
Nuhwa muhmooldun jageun euijawien
같은 모습의 바람이 지나네..
Gateun moseubeh barami jinaneh

*너는 떠나며, 마치 날 떠나가듯이
Nuhneun dunamyuh, machi nal dunagadeushi
멀리 손을 흔들며
Muhli soneul heundeulmyuh
언젠간 추억에 남겨져 갈꺼라고..