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Our featured guest is Mark Pastin. Mark was formerly Professor of Management at the Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. He is the author of over 100 academic and trade publications. Mark left academia to prove that it is possible to create lasting ethical change in organizations. While Mark was transitioning from academia to his current work, he worked as a newspaper columnist, investment banker, and international consultant. Since 1993, Mark has served as Chief Executive Officer of the Council of Ethical Organizations, a non-profit organization dedicated to promote ethics in business, government and the professions. Throughout these careers, Mark has pursued practical approaches to ethical issues. His research focuses on two topics. The first topic is how to gain ethical insight and the second is how to translate that insight into ethical action.

We will discuss many issues related to our current corporate culture and explore his thesis in his newest book: “Make An Ethical Difference … Tools for Better Action”

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I have a posse here like a hip hop guy so yes very nice

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Live music on today's program from Caitlin Canty and Jefferson Hamer in town to do a show at The University Cafe in the afternoon.

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