The Overnightmare playlist for 04/28/2012


Bob Duffy playlist for 04/28/2012

Programming at WUSB for more than 30 years, Bob Duffy is still searching for the perfect pop song.

Beginnings playlist for 04/28/2012

Remembering Pete Fornatale

Lunchtime playlist for 04/27/2012

Each Friday - 10am to Noon

Primordial Sandwich playlist for 04/27/2012

Phil In 4 Skagasm/Opraz handbag

Mix Tape playlist for 04/26/2012


Arsenal of Nonsense playlist for 04/26/2012

rockin' through til dawn!

An Eclectic Mess playlist for 04/26/2012

Played alot of Ska , Rocksteady , Reggae , Dancehall , Ragga spanning 50yrs also local LI artist. Thank You for listening and congrats to our ticket winners!!!!

Steve K playlist for 04/26/2012

Mini tribute to Levon Helm..Bill McNulty took over around 9:20 for a 15 minute interview with Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornell West followed with a NYC theme set and then the regular stuff
Left out Nilsson doing I guess The Lord Must Be In NYC after SRV Riviera Paradise

Suburban Hymns playlist for 04/25/2012

Terrestrial Premier of "almost last" by Ravalias

Blue Grass Time playlist for 04/25/2012

2 Hours of bluegrass music

Radio Free J-Ro playlist for 04/25/2012

ended up being three hours!