Everything Is Broken playlist for 11/23/2010

TODAY we will speak in-studio with Ambassador Harsh Bhasin, the current Chair of the Department of Asian & Asian-American Studies here are Stony Brook University. We will be discussing international relations between India, China and the United States. Ambassador Bhasin has been a Visiting Professor of International Relations at SBU since 2001. Before joining Stony Brook, he served as a career diplomat for nearly four decades with overseas assignments that included serving as India’s Ambassador to Botswana, South Africa and Denmark. He was an official observer at South Africa’s first ever non-racial elections that were held in 1994 and which returned Nelson Mandela to power.

We will also hear from our resident scribe, J. David Gray, for another segment of our SYNERGY project. We chose today to match his essay “I Squandered a Fortune” to my image “abstract#24” – be sure to view the image at or David’s other writings can be found at

MUSIC today will feature David Byrne.

Wake and Bake playlist for 11/23/2010

Featuring most of the second set of Furthur performing at Madison Square Garden on 11-20-2010

Clam Radio playlist for 11/18/2010

Nothing in particular up our dress today but in hour two we do celebrate the release of the Beatle's entire catalog on itunes. To celebrate, we actually play an alternate version or maybe it's more accurate to call it a parody/shadowed version a Beatles' album. It's a bizarre take on a classic musical work. Can you guess what it is? Marvels await.

An Eclectic Mess playlist for 11/17/2010

seven hour marathon special no relief DJ at 3 show , Phew!!!

I left out one song on the playlist , slight oversight , it goes between Paul Barrere and Elvis Costello. The song is called NO FUCKIN WAR it's on a 7" and it's by the DICKS

Everything Is Broken playlist for 11/16/2010

TODAY we will speak with BJ Gallagher, an inspirational author and speaker. She writes business books that educate and empower, women's books that enlighten and entertain, gift books that inspire and inform, and kids' books that charm and delight. She motivates and teaches with empathy, understanding, and more than a little humor. Her frequent theme is the "Power of Positive DOING."

She and I will follow up on my opinion piece last week and discuss sociologist Alvin Toffler's seminal work "Future Shock" and how the pace of change can impact our health and well being.

We will also hear from our resident scribe, J. David Gray for another segment of our SYNERGY project. His essay "Good Women" inspired my image “The Reader” ... be sure to view the image at or for David’s other writings check out:

MUSIC today will feature selections from JOE COCKER LIVE – circa 1990.

Jim Dexter playlist for 11/16/2010

Abbreviated Jim Dexter Show for November 16th 2010