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Lunch On Thursdays playlist for 08/09/2012

The topic today is communication in healthcare. Patient to provider, provider to patient, provider to provider, and within a provider office.

My guest in the studio today is Tim Healy, www.healysolutions.com.

My phone guest is Dr. Rohan Perrera, a local cardiologist.

You can reach me via email at habanero@wusb.fm, or call my office 631.244.5661. I welcome your comments and suggestions for future programming.

Here are links to some of the articles featured today:

http://www.sfhp.org/files/PDF/providers/Best_Practices/Have_you_addresse... (old study/suggestions for improving approach)

http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/02/opinion/verghese-doctors-touch/index.html (TED talk from a doctor)

http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2012/04/15/why-your-doctor-has-no-... (importance of communication)

http://whendoctorsdontlisten.blogspot.com/ (end of life discussions from ER doc when her Mom was dying)

http://healthecommunications.wordpress.com/tag/cost-of-poor-physician-pa... (from Dr. perspective)

http://patients.about.com/od/therightdoctorforyou/a/docpatientcomm.htm (rules for patients, rules for doctors)

The Bayou playlist for 08/09/2012

Bill Kay fishing on The Bayou while Chris is away.

Blues At Dawn playlist for 08/08/2012


Blue Grass Time playlist for 08/08/2012

6-8 PM 2 Hours of Bluegrass Music

Blue Grass Time playlist for 08/08/2012

6-8 PM 2 Hours of Bluegrass Music

Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/07/2012

My op-ed piece will center on the ruling oligarchy failing to provide citizens with a leader to calm our fears.

Our featured guest is Robert Naiman, Policy Director at Just Foreign Policy. Bob edits the Just Foreign Policy daily news summary and writes on U.S. foreign policy at Huffington Post. He is President of the Board of Truthout. Naiman has worked as a policy analyst and researcher at the Center for Economic and Policy Research and Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch.

For our music … rock hall of famer Leon Russell.

Jim Dexter playlist for 08/07/2012

Jim's show for Tuesday August 7, 2012

Overture playlist for 08/07/2012

Bobanero filling in today. Featuring music of Ryan Montbleau, with phone interview in advance of the show at City Winery this afternoon

Seattle Public Library playlist for 08/06/2012

Played some tunes and then concluded the show with a 20 minute tribute to the USA composed of Mitt Romney's 2012 address to the NAACP, the Electric Slide, the Macarena, Cotton Eyed Joe, Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA," Spice Girl's "Wannabe," Lou Bega's "Mambo No. 5," and the Bloodhound Gang's "Bad Touch."