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Robot Radio playlist for 11/13/2012

Optometrists Welcome, Pediatrists Welcome, All Welcome

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 11/12/2012

Smooth R&B and Hip Hop hosted by Wayne

BQE playlist for 11/11/2012

Jazz On The Air playlist for 11/11/2012

This weeks host, Chris Phillips

Beginnings playlist for 11/10/2012

"with new ears" 75 endings are beginnings

Trim Mix Party playlist for 11/10/2012

this week we played some real dope boom bap hiphop on the top 15 and a hot tyme machine segmant as well

Hectic Electric playlist for 11/10/2012

Playing the best and freshest EDM, not the recycled Commercial Stuff!!!


The Pink Boys playlist for 11/09/2012

How many swimming pools have you been in?

Steve K playlist for 11/08/2012

Birthday celebrations for Bonnie Raitt,Bonnie Bramlett,Roy Wood, Neil Young,Joni Mitchell