Trim Mix Party playlist for 08/27/2012

thursday night we rocked the radio with the top 15 of the week than we blasted into the tyme machine starting in the future and worked our way to the 80's real dope

Seattle Public Library playlist for 08/27/2012

bob Longman, fill

Jazz On The Air playlist for 08/26/2012

Happy 79th Birthday To Wayne Shorter Hosted by Mr. Edison

Hectic Electric playlist for 08/26/2012

The newest, greatest and best House Dubstep DnB and Everything In Between

Bob Duffy playlist for 08/25/2012

Programming with WUSB for more than 30 years, Bob Duffy is still searching for the perfect pop song.

Guest Appearance from Long Island's own Ed Ryan.

Ludwig Leopold playlist for 08/25/2012

Summer Breeze would be just so right, about now...