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Jim Dexter playlist for 03/03/2015

Jim's Show for Tuesday March 3, 2015

Finn's Revolution playlist for 03/03/2015

Interview with RYAN BACA of LA gutter rockers WAKE UP LUCID.... plus tix to see Los Lobos & Alejandro Escovedo...

Say Whats Radio playlist for 03/02/2015

With special guest JSanti and Jason Aloiso

Polka Express playlist for 03/02/2015

Extra section fill in for zabby 1:30-3:15 PM 1330-1515 hrs.

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 03/02/2015

Captain Rockit brings 2 hours of deep cuts from The Philadelphia International Records label on tonight's Soul Glo Bistro.

Sunday Street playlist for 03/01/2015

Today's program featured several tracks from a forthcoming album by The Kennedys.

Jazz On The Air playlist for 03/01/2015

...and all that went on, behind a closed door, and some songs...

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 02/27/2015

Mark Klein's Fri.morning
Blues Warehouse (8-10am)est.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 02/27/2015


Hypnosmoothie Radio playlist for 02/27/2015

Phil and Ursala's Sunday Brunch Benefit - March 1st 1 to 8pm
at Long Island Glass ~ 192 Morris Avenue, Unit 24 in Holtsville NY

Habanero's Healthcare Discussions playlist for 02/27/2015

The Business of Healthcare host, Sue Montana, has a hacking cough today so we're going to minimize talking.

There's great information out there that can be shared, and TedTalks are a great resource for information on the business of the healthcare system.


Rebecca Onie - Rebecca Onie asks audacious questions: What if waiting rooms were a place to improve daily health care? What if doctors could prescribe food, housing and heat in the winter? At TEDMED she describes Health Leads, an organization that does just that — and does it by building a volunteer base as elite and dedicated as a college sports team.

John Wilbanks - When you're getting medical treatment, or taking part in medical testing, privacy is important; strict laws limit what researchers can see and know about you. But what if your medical data could be used — anonymously — by anyone seeking to test a hypothesis? John Wilbanks wonders if the desire to protect our privacy is slowing research, and if opening up medical data could lead to a wave of health care innovation.

Oprah's Handbag playlist for 02/27/2015

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