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The Outer Library playlist for 11/26/2008

fill-in by Paul from "hypnagogic state"

Mr. Metronome! playlist for 11/24/2008

NEW Belle and Sebastian, a look at Guns 'N Roses' long awaited album Chinese Democracy.

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 11/24/2008

Thanks so much for pledging for Radiothon!

Trim Mix Party playlist for 11/24/2008

soul glo fill in

Music for a New Republic playlist for 11/23/2008

A day late tribute to JFK

Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 11/23/2008


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Pledge $35 and receive a Korean Starter kit along with your choice of WUSB hat/scarf

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Today's show features a mix of punk, alternative, and of course, hip hop.

sub.rad playlist for 11/22/2008


Trim Mix Party playlist for 11/21/2008

BOOM BAP NOT THE CLICK CLACK new official member of trim mix KNOCKS


Jon Singer playlist for 11/18/2008

DJ Ev Fill-in

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 11/17/2008

Pledge for radiothon you cheap bastards! 631*632-6901!!

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 11/17/2008